April 17, 2017

Best Investing Apps: Top Wealth Resources

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Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Investing Apps Award can help you keep track of your investments and build wealth.

Best Investing App
Best Investing App © CreditDonkey

Top Investing Apps

Everyone seems to have an app these days. You can find apps for playing games, earning rewards for shopping, and even organizing the schedules of everyone in your household. The most valuable apps out there could be the investing apps that help investors watch over their hard-earned money and make trades while on the go. You don't want to miss a thing even when you're in a checkout line when it comes to knowing where your money is going and how it's doing.

Because they're so important (and numerous), you want to be sure you download only the best investing apps. These are apps we've chosen because they can give you a full picture of your investments and help you make smart decisions. They're easy to use and give you the latest and greatest information about how the markets are performing.

Factors to Consider Before Downloading an Investing App

  • Ease of use: Fancy graphics might seem cool if you've got a bunch of desktop monitors set up on your desk like a trader. But if you're like most of us, you'll be looking on a small screen and needing your fat thumbs to do the buying and selling. Test drive the app to see if it's easy to navigate or whether it's going to frustrate you all the time.

  • Compatibility: You may want to stick to your brokerage's app or you may find that an upstart company offers a superior tool for you to track your funds. Just be sure you can, in fact, connect with your accounts so that you get real-time information. You don't want a time lag - you need to be able to make timely adjustments.

  • Security: You should feel confident that the app you're using will keep your information secure and that it requires a password when you want to make any big decisions. Just like when iTunes prompts you about downloading a movie, you want assurance that your niece can't log on to your investing app and start making trades.

Choose wisely by looking over our list of the Best Investing Apps, and you'll find at least one that makes the most sense for your needs.

Best Investing App
Best Investing App © CreditDonkey

  • E*TRADE Mobile

    E*TRADE Mobile is a trading app built for active traders, with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to access your accounts on the go.

    Why E*TRADE Mobile is a Top Investing App: If you're investing with E*TRADE, or looking for an easy way to manage your portfolio, this app is well worth checking out.

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  • StockTwits

    StockTwits is a social media platform for investors and traders, allowing them to exchange information, view the current sentiments on their stocks, and more.

    Why StockTwits is a Top Investing App: If you want to connect with other investors and traders, and even collaborate with them, this is the app you're looking for.

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  • RJ Investor

    The Raymond James Investor Access app allows you to enjoy easy, secure access to your Raymond James account, including the most popular desktop features, on your mobile device.

    Why RJ Investor is a Top Investing App: Whether you want to manage your investment portfolio on the go or just access the latest up-to-the-minute market information, this app makes it simple.

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  • The Stock Market Game by The SIFMA Foundation

    SIFMA Foundation's Stock Market Game teaches students about the financial world and improves investing habits, all the while boosting classroom engagement.

    Why The Stock Market Game by The SIFMA Foundation is a Top Investing App: This program has been proven to boost student engagement and participation in the classroom, which in turn leads to higher test scores.

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  • Acorns

    Acorns is the leading micro-investing app in the U.S., with over 1.6 million investment accounts. Acorns make it effortless to learn, save and invest so you can grow wealth in the background of life. Just connect your cards and accounts, and the change from rounding up each purchase to the nearest dollar will be invested.

    Why Acorns is a Top Investing App: Micro-investment is an increasingly popular way to start building a nest egg, and this app offers an incredibly simple way to do it. Acorns help make big decisions small through automation. Acorns automatically round up your purchases and invest your spare change through their Round-ups feature. You can also set up recurring investments daily, weekly or monthly at as little as $5. Acorns also help you gather additional money just by shopping with their Found Money partners - who will automatically invest in your Acorns account as a reward to you.

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  • TradeKing┬« Mobile Investing

    TradeKing Mobile Investing is an app that allows users to quickly and easily trade stocks, options, and more, as well as research investment opportunities and receive stock alerts.

    Why TradeKing® Mobile Investing is a Top Investing App: With live, up-to-the-minute streaming quotes and stock news, this app lets you carry all of the market knowledge you need in your pocket.

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  • SigFig

    SigFig allows you to build an intelligent, customized portfolio and manage it on the go for significantly less cost than a traditional advisor.

    Why SigFig is a Top Investing App: This app offers all the ease of mobile investing with a bit of personalized service, including concierge services that let you make mobile appointments with an advisor.

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  • Investing for All

    LOYAL3's Investing for All app lets users browse and invest as little as ten dollars in their favorite brands, buy and sell stocks, and create a monthly investment plan.

    Why Investing for All is a Top Investing App: This app makes it easy to buy, sell, trade, and even transfer funds to and from your LOYAL3 account with no commissions or fees.

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  • Openfolio

    Openfolio is an app that crowdsources investment information, allowing you to compare your portfolio against relevant benchmarks, track its performance, and share it with private groups.

    Why Openfolio is a Top Investing App: Investing with only market indexes in mind is like investing alone; this app gives you social benchmarks so you can more accurately gauge your portfolio's performance.

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  • FeeX
    Most people will lose up to one third of their retirement funds to hidden fees, but FeeX aims to help you reduce those fees and have more money to play with.

    Why FeeX is a Top Investing App: Users have access to features including FeeX Concierge, which does the work of rolling over your 401(k) for you, and an Advisor Center that works to uncover the hidden advisory fees you're paying and find ways to reduce them.

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  • Scutify
    Scutify is a social network for investors, letting you get stock and trading answers and the latest news from the pros.

    Why Scutify is a Top Investing App: If you've been looking for an up-to-the-second source of market and trading news, analysis, and chatter, this social network will fulfill your needs.

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  • DriveWealth

    DriveWealth aims to change the way you invest by allowing you to invest a certain dollar amount, purchasing fractions of shares so you can spend what you want on the stocks you want. DriveWealth also recently launched a low-cost subscription based service called DriveWealth Unlimited.

    Why DriveWealth is a Top Investing App: This is an app that's great for all investors, but particularly those on a budget, who now have the ability to pick and choose any stock and invest only what they want. DriveWealth aims to target passive investors that will hold onto their stock as more of a savings tool and allows them to diversify their portfolios with any dollar amount they are capable of contributing.

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  • thinkorswim

    thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade is a full-featured trading app with several innovative features, all available at a fraction of the cost of traditional professional trading software.

    Why thinkorswim is a Top Investing App: Investors looking for more features in their trading software at a lower cost will be hard-pressed to find a better option than this.

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  • Personal Capital Budgeting & Investing

    Personal Capital's free online dashboard and personal finance app allows you to build and track your budget, keep tabs on your stocks, track your net worth, and plan for your retirement all in one place. If you have $25,000 or more in investable assets, you can pay a fee (one all-inclusive fee of .89% of assets managed) for access to a dedicated financial advisor who will manage your portfolio and offer financial planning advice.

    Why Personal Capital Budgeting & Investing is a Top Investing App: With functions including built-in investment advice and a free Retirement Planner based on your actual financial data, this is a useful, well-rounded financial planning app.

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  • StockTouch
    StockTouch is an information-packed app that shows users "heat maps" of the stock market, allowing you to track the overall flow of the market instantly, as well as zoom in for more detail on individual stocks.

    Why StockTouch is a Top Investing App: This innovative app aims to give investors as much information as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible, and its color-coded maps and sorting functions do just that.

  • Benzinga

    Benzinga aims to keep users informed with a wealth of market information, from visualizations of the day's trends to handy watchlists that help you keep track of your investments and more.

    Why Benzinga is a Top Investing Resource: Benzinga's app newsfeed and Twitter functions allow you to not only track the market and your own investments, but engage with other investors about the news of the day.

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  • Invest by Rubicoin

    Invest by Rubicoin is an app dedicated to creating new investors by teaching users how to buy shares and what shares to buy.

    Why Invest by Rubicoin is a Top Investing App: If you're a rookie investor, this app's helpful guidance will have you investing like a pro before you know it. They also have a blog series and a Learn app, which is a free teaching app to learn how to invest with confidence.

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  • Helium Investments

    Helium Investments wants to "give your savings a lift" by customizing your account to suit your level of risk tolerance. Funds are invested in portfolios that contain a mix of Stock and Bond ETF's customized for you. Helium Investments is based in Toronto, Canada and recently expanded their services to the United States. It was founded by Kevin Kowalewski in 2016, who started the company due to his passion for finance and software engineering.

    Why Helium Investments is a Top Investing App: Helium Investments believes in "passive investing" which means taking on the right level of risk for your saving goals. An online and personal advisor designs a personalized portfolio based on the financial goals you are working toward.

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