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AI-Powered Home Security System Beats Burglars Before Break In

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More than 3 million burglaries happen each year. Wouldn't it be nice if you could stop one before it even started? Vivint is among the first companies to make this possible by using artificial intelligent cameras.

A connected home helps decrease your risk of burglaries. It alerts you of triggered alarms or suspicious activity right away. With Vivint's outdoor security cameras, you can connect to the feed on your smartphone, knowing exactly what's going on even when you aren't there. But what if you want to take it one step further? Is it possible to deter burglars before they gain access to your home? Vivint makes it possible with its AI-powered video camera.

How the AI-Powered Security Camera Works

The AI-powered security camera doesn't just record the actions around your home—it detects and deters potential burglars too. Using complicated analytics, the system can tell the difference between someone passing by or harmlessly approaching your home and someone with different intentions in mind.

You choose the surveillance zone and the camera does the rest. It can differentiate among people, animals, and cars passing through the designated zone. This helps avoid nuisance alerts that mean nothing. Once it detects people on your property, it uses its analytics to measure how long the person remains on your property. Again, you are in control of this setting, choosing between a one- and 90-second lurk time.

If the "lurker" remains on the property longer than your programmed time, the camera sets off a signal. It flashes a red light and gives off a warning that should scare off anyone looking at your home as a potential target.

You might think that security cameras normally deter burglars. After all, burglars know there's a chance they are being recorded, but some criminals can tell the difference between a decoy camera and a real camera. Some even know how to work around the camera's viewing abilities. The AI-powered camera takes the security to a whole new level by giving criminals further warning that may deter his or her plans.

How You Customize the AI-Powered Camera

The Smart Sentry camera does the hard work of scaring off would-be burglars, but it's up to you to set up the parameters. You don't want the system over-warning people who are on your property for good reason, but you also want to give potential burglars a scare.

You can customize all of the following:

  • Choose from five warning tones
    This lets burglars know the camera caught them and the potential of the authorities showing up.

  • Talk via two-way voice system
    You receive an alert on your mobile phone of the potential burglar. You can look at the image of the person and talk to him or her through your device. If you aren't comfortable with the situation, you can also sound your security alarm, giving the burglar even more reason to leave.

  • Choose notifications you receive
    No one wants to be inundated with alerts every time someone so much as passes by your home. You can customize the alerts, receiving only lurker alerts, if you choose to do so. You can also customize when you receive the alerts—whether it's instantaneous or on a schedule.

Have Protection Day and Night

The Vivint Al-powered camera provides a wide view of your home and surrounding area day and night. Using 4K HDR sensors, you receive live streaming that you can clearly see. If you want a better view of the person near your home, you can also zoom in on the recording.

The Vivint app also gives you instant access to video clips, which often come in handy when you call the authorities. On the app, you can get a clear description of who was on your property, including zooming in on his or her face, getting license plate information, or a distinct description of the person to provide to the police.

Other Vivint Products

Vivint provides smart home security products that help keep you safe from burglars, fire, and other threats.

  • Complete Home Security Systems
    Get a complete home security system along with 24/7/365 monitoring. With one control panel, you can have burglar, fire, and carbon monoxide monitoring, as well as a panic button to call out in any type of emergency.

  • Vivint Doorbell Camera
    See who's on your porch before they even ring the doorbell day or night with a wide-angle lens camera and two-way talk capabilities to scare off anyone who doesn't belong.

  • Smart Locks
    Kwikset Smart Locks work with your Vivint mobile app, giving you remote access to your home's locks. You can receive alerts when you forget to lock the door or you can remotely unlock the door when you need to give someone access to your home.

All of the Vivint smart products link to the Vivint Smart Home app. You can customize the app to send alerts to remind you to lock the door, when an alarm sounds, or when motion is detected on your property. You are in control of what you see and you can manually check on any connected system by logging into the app.

About Vivint

Vivint is one of the top companies offering smart home products in the United States. Each professional that you connect with when purchasing, installing, or monitoring your system provides the support you need to ensure that your home is protected. With more than 1 million customers throughout the United States and Canada, Vivint helps change the face of home security, making it more adaptable today.

Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence seems so futuristic, and yet it's our reality today. Vivint uses AI-powered cameras to give you a leg up on the potential burglars. Why deal with the aftermath of a home invasion when you could stop it in its tracks with artificial intelligent cameras? Vivint set out to change the face of home security, giving you back the power you desire to keep your home safe.

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