October 25, 2019

FreedomPop Review

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FreedomPop wants to disrupt the cellphone industry with a free plan. If you aren't an active cellphone user, it could be the perfect plan for you. Read this review to learn how FreedomPop works.

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What Is FreedomPop?

FreedomPop offers free and affordable wireless plans for talk, text, and internet use. They don't require a contract, so you can cancel your plan at any time.

FreedomPop offers their free service through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This turns your voice into digital data, which is less expensive to send and manage because there's no special hardware required.

If you spend most of your time on Wi-Fi, FreedomPop's free plan is a great option. But their limits are typically low. For more than occasional calls, texts, or web surfing, you may be better off with one of their paid plans.

Read on to learn more.

What network does FreedomPop use?
FreedomPop uses Sprint and AT&T's cellular towers to provide nationwide service.

FreedomPop Pros & Cons


  • No contract or cancellation fees

  • Bring any unlocked GSM phone over to FreedomPop for a small fee

  • Use Wi-Fi wherever it's available, saving the usage on your data plan

  • Use iMessage without using any of your monthly text allotment

  • Free unlimited talk and text between FreedomPop phones

FreedomPop claims its Wi-Fi calling quality may be better than using the 4G network. You'll still use minutes from your talk plan over Wi-Fi, though.


  • Numerous extra charges, including a $2.49 monthly charge to "see" your voicemails

  • You must download the FreedomPop app to make phone calls

  • Many hidden fees

Is FreedomPop Good for Streaming?
FreedomPop is better for the occasional phone user, not the active streamer. Considering that a 2-hour movie on Netflix uses around 2 GB of data, the free plan wouldn't work for anyone who streams.

Is FreedomPop Reliable?

While some customers do complain about spotty service or dropped calls, FreedomPop's service is generally reliable thanks to its use of Sprint and AT&T networks.

As with any provider, the quality of service can vary based depending on where you are. You may experience some issues in more remote areas—or even "dead zones" within well-populated ones.

How fast is FreedomPop internet?
FreedomPop promises speeds up to 12 Mbps. That's fast enough to stream HD quality video from sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

What Does FreedomPop Cost?

FreedomPop is known for their basic free plan, which includes:

  • 200 talk minutes
  • 500 texts
  • 500 MB data

The FreedomPop free plans only offer coverage in 4G (LTE). It's important to check to see if 4G is available in your area.

They also offer paid options for personal and business. Each plan offers unlimited talk and text per month along with set data limits:

Indvidual/Family Plans

  • Premium 500 MB: $13.99 a month
  • Premium 1 GB: $22.99 a month
  • Premium 2 GB: $24.99/month with 1 free month trial
  • Premium 3 GB: $29.99/month
  • Premium 4 GB: $34.99/month

Business Plans

  • 4GB Shared: $34.99 a month
  • 10GB Shared: $74.99 a month
  • 25GB Shared: $159.99 a month

In addition to the monthly charges, FreedomPop will charge $9.99 to port a number and $19.99 to bring your own phone to FreedomPop.

FreedomPop offers prepaid plans, which may help you save. They have 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month prepaid plans each in 2 GB, 5 GB, and 10 GB.

Paid Upgrades
FreedomPop plans can be upgraded by adding benefits for an additional cost. These include:

  • FreedomPop Speed Boost
    Increase data speed

  • Premium Plus
    Increase your data speed, get roll-over data, Wi-Fi tethering, visual voicemail, and MMS texting.

  • FreedomPop Online
    Get priority technical support

Add-on services for any plan include:

  • An international phone number

  • Premium voice services that go over the cellular connection rather than internet

  • Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Ad blocking

The cost of each service depends on your chosen plan and where you live. Once you sign up for an account, you can see your costs.

Because FreedomPop's voice service is through VoIP, you'll use data to make calls. The only exception is if you pay for the premium voice service package, which offers cellular calls versus VoIP calls.

Other Fees
All FreedomPop plans have a data limit. If you exceed that limit, you either suspend your account until the next month or pay a $20 top-off charge.

FreedomPop deducts funds from your account as you use data over your limit. The overage rate varies from $0.015–$0.025/MB, depending on your plan.

You cannot use the top-up feature for additional phone or text minutes. If you reach your limit, you have to wait until the next month to use those features.

How to Sign Up

You have two ways to join:

  • Buy a Phone from FreedomPop
    Create an account with FreedomPop and choose a phone. Many phones are refurbished, so they cost less.

    After choosing a plan, FreedomPop will send the phone. Once you download their messaging app, you can start using it.

    Can you use FreedomPop phones with other carriers?
    If you buy a phone from FreedomPop and want to change carriers, you must wait six months after purchase and submit a ticket to FreedomPop requesting to unlock the phone for use with other carriers.

  • Bring Your Own Device
    You can bring a Sprint-locked phone or any unlocked GSM phone to FreedomPop, then activate the device with FreedomPop. Once set up, you'll need to download the FreedomPop app for messaging.

Providers such as Verizon or T-Mobile lock their phones for their service only. But you may ask them to unlock yours. If you bought a phone directly from Apple, it may also be unlocked, making it a good candidate for FreedomPop.

How It Compares

Mint operates on T-Mobile towers. You bring your own unlocked GSM phone to Mint and buy packages in bulk. They offer different plan lengths—prices vary depending on how many GBs of data you choose.

3-Month Plans$15–$25/month
6-Month Plans$20–$25/month
12-Month Plans$15–$25/month

FreeUP operates on the AT&T network and offers a free plan that works on a cellular network rather than VoIP. You can purchase a new phone from FreeUP or bring your own unlocked phone.

FreeUP has a network of more than 4 million hotspots. The free data on this plan is only via Wi-Fi. If you want LTE coverage, it will cost you a small monthly fee.

Upgrade CostUpgrade Data Amount
$10/monthfor 200 MB of data
$15/monthfor 1 GB of data
$20/monthfor 2 GB of data.

Red Pocket
Red Pocket uses all of the major carriers in the US. You can choose your carrier based on the phone you bring to Red Pocket. All plans have unlimited talk and text and offer upgrades.

Upgrade CostUpgrade Data Amount
$10/monthfor 500 MB of data
$15/monthfor 1 GB of data
$30/monthfor 5 GB of data
$40/monthfor 10 GB of data
$60/monthfor 20 GB of data

Bottom Line

If you aren't a heavy data user and occasionally make calls or send texts, FreedomPop can offer an affordable and even free option. But if you use a lot of data, there are other more affordable plans out there for you.

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