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Best Family Travel Blogs for Amazing Memories

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These are the best bloggers who have chronicled how they travel with multiple kids and explain how you can too.

Best Family Travel Blogs
Best Family Travel Blogs © CreditDonkey

There are many family travel bloggers out there. We are bringing you the very best ones to follow, whether you're just dreaming about travel opportunities or you want to give it a try yourself.

Top 100 Must Read Family Travel Blogs

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Fantasize about going on an adventure or pick up concrete tips for actually taking your family around the world by following any of the 100 top family travel blogs chosen by CreditDonkey.

Hundreds of millions of webpages about family travel are vying for your time on Google. In this selective list, we rounded up the bloggers who consistently offer practical information families need. Several of these bloggers have even given up their homes to go on long-term sightseeing missions that give their kids a memorable worldview they wouldn't get otherwise.

  • Mother of all Trips

    Throughout a decade-plus of travel blogging, Mara has moved from packing diapers to planning middle school-appropriate activities; she believes every family is capable of travelling.

    Why Mother of all Trips is a Top Family Travel Blog: Mara educates and inspires with tales of parenting on the road, favorite destinations, and a love of family ski trips.

    Read: Two Scenes From a Family Ski Vacation
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  • Soul Travelers 3

    The Mozart Family parents have raised their daughter to be bilingual and experience culture around the world through their global travel.

    Why Soul Travelers 3 is a Top Family Travel Blog: Videos, pictures, travel guides, and tips on education and family travel make this blog a good read.

    Read: Top 10 Reasons to Travel with Kids
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  • Have Baby Will Travel

    Corinne McDermott has nearly a decade of experience travelling the world with infants, toddlers, and young children--her blog provides tips and hacks for family travel.

    Why Have Baby Will Travel is a Top Family Travel Blog: Corinne shares tips on all kinds of travel with babies, including camping, flying, as well as an entire section on Disney travel.

    Read: North Carolina: Transylvania County and Earthshine Resort
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  • Delicious Baby

    Debbie offers first-hand tips and stories from traveling the world with her three young children.

    Why Delicious Baby is a Top Family Travel Blog: A huge resource with extensive family-friendly city guides for most major U.S. cities and tips for the planning and packing process.

    Read: 10 Tips for Keeping a Toddler Busy on a Plane
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  • Travel with Bender

    © Erin Bender

    Erin and Josh Bender have visited more than 60 countries with their children since they were two and three years old and share their travel stories, hacks, and more on their blog.

    Why Travel with Bender is a Top Family Travel Blog: From planning and budget tips to destinations and travel gear reviews, Travel with Bender is one of the most comprehensive family travel blogs.

    Read: Waterbom Bali: Still the #1 Waterpark in Asia
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  • Traveling Canucks

    Canadian couple Cam and Nicole Wears are out to prove that raising a family, building a career, and traveling are all possible; their blog is full of stories and tips.

    Why Traveling Canucks is a Top Family Travel Blog: Cam and Nicole write about destinations around the globe and include tips for traveling with young children--their blog will inspire you to plan the family trip of your dreams.

    Read: Jaspe Might Just be the Most Canadian Town in Canada
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  • Suitcases and Sippy Cups

    Jessica Bowers is an average suburban mom with four boys, but she's out to show that even average families can travel the world if they are willing to take the first step.

    Why Suitcases and Sippy Cups is a Top Family Travel Blog: From big-picture destination planning to smaller logistical tips like packing, this blog helps with all aspects of the family travel process.

    Read: Quiet Games for Road Trips with Kids
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  • Go BIG or Go Home

    Traci and Matt take their small-town family of two children on adventures to see the biggest roadside attractions in the country.

    Why Go BIG or Go Home is a Top Family Travel Blog: Find out about big attractions you've never heard of and get honest reviews of unique stops around the country.

    Read: World's Largest Toy Museum: Branson, Missouri
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  • Walking On Travels

    Keryn travels the world with her husband and two sons and prove that traveling with kids really is possible.

    Why Walking On Travels is a Top Family Travel Blog: This blog is full of tips on everything from budgeting to dealing with child sleep issues while traveling, as well as lists of destinations and reviews.

    Read: 3 Reasons to Add the Dominican Republic to Your Travel Bucket List
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  • 1Dad1Kid.com

    Talon Windwalker quit his job in 2011 to become a digital nomad with his then nine-year-old son; he documents their adventures around the globe.

    Why 1Dad1Kid.com is a Top Family Travel Blog: Talon's blog is a great resource for information about world schooling and family support and a wide variety of global destinations.

    Read: Well, We've Found Home
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  • Mommy Musings

    Stefanie Fauquet explores throughout Florida, the U.S., and the world with her husband and daughter; for her, travel, food, and family are part of a great lifestyle.

    Why Mommy Musings is a Top Family Travel Blog: Stephanie writes about travel news and deals, as well as family destinations around the U.S., North America, and Europe.

    Read: Cruise Food that Will Change Your Life
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  • La Jolla Mom

    Luxury travel writer Katie Dillon once spent four years living with her family in the Four Season Hong Kong and now gives tips on how to travel luxuriously as a family.

    Why La Jolla Mom is a Top Family Travel Blog: Based in California, many of Katie's tips relate to San Diego, but she also shares tips and global destinations for a dream luxury trip with kids.

    Read: 20 Things to do on a Dream Trip to London
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  • The Traveling Praters

    Tonya Prater once spent 18 months travelling with her husband and three teenagers in an RV; her adventures now take the family around North America.

    Why The Traveling Praters is a Top Family Travel Blog: Special sections on Ohio travel and cooking in a hotel room make this blog a unique source of family travel information.

    Read: Downtown Wooster: A City Full of Surprises
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  • Globetrotting Mama

    Heather Greenwood Davis took a year off to travel the world with her husband and two young sons; now she shares global locations and inspiration for family travel.

    Why Globetrotting Mama is a Top Family Travel Blog: Globetrotting Mama is full of adventurous activities and off-the-beaten path locations around the world, as well as motivation to make your dreams a reality.

    Read: Parenting Mistakes
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  • Sophie's World

    Sophie has visited far more than 100 countries, many with her young daughter in tow.

    Why Sophie's World is a Top Family Travel Blog: Sophie's travels cross the globe, which has helped her create a wide range of travel guides and family travel tips.

    Read: Cinque Terre and Portovenere
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  • The World is a Book

    Mary started her blog as a way to preserve travel memories for her two kids as she takes them around the world to instill a love of travel.

    Why The World is a Book is a Top Family Travel Blog: Aside from global travel guides, Mary also has an extensive section of free things to do with kids in many cities.

    Read: 50 Things to do in San Diego with Kids
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  • Flashpacker Family

    Bethaney and Lee left New Zealand with their two young children to travel the world as flashpackers--the same adventurous spirit as backpackers, but with a little more money and luxury.

    Why Flashpacker Family is a Top Family Travel Blog: This blog has lots of tips of how to travel smarter with kids, including travel tips, products, budget ideas, and destinations.

    Read: 5 Amazing U.S. Road Trip Itineraries for Your Bucket List
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  • Where's Sharon

    Sharon and her family recently returned to Australia after 13 months travelling and living in Asia and Europe on a mission to inspire all families to travel.

    Why Where's Sharon is a Top Family Travel Blog: Sharon's tips all center around travelling cheaper, smarter, and better with kids.

    Read: Bali with Kids: Complete Guide to a Family Bali Holiday
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  • Escape Artistes

    Theodora sold her London home in 2010 to travel the world with her son; her blog is full of crazy stories, interesting locations, and useful tips.

    Why Escape Artistes is a Top Family Travel Blog: Theodora is honest about family travel mishaps and also shares stories and tips from her global adventures.

    Read: Why I'll Never be a Professional Travel Blogger
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  • Family Without Borders

    Writer Anna and photographer Thomas have taken their children on global adventures since they were infants; they believe having children expands your life, especially with travel.

    Why Family Without Borders is a Top Family Travel Blog: Anna writes extensively about each location they visit, many of which are off the beaten path.

    Read: Refugees: Taking Action
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  • Raising Miro on the Road of Life

    Lainie and her teenage son Miro have spent the last seven years travelling the world, embracing slow travel, volunteering, and world schooling.

    Why Raising Miro on the Road of Life is a Top Family Travel Blog: A great community for world schoolers with information on how to get started and how to create learning opportunities around the world.

    Read: How One Family Found Their Worldschooling Groove
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  • Gone with the Family

    With a passion for travel, Lisa Goodmurphy has been traveling the world since her oldest child was four months old.

    Why Gone with the Family is a Top Family Travel Blog: Lisa aims to inspire other traveling families and features special sections on Harry Potter, Disney, and cruising travel.

    Read: 5 Things to Do in Niagara Falls
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  • Luxury Travel Mom

    Kim-Marie Evans enjoys luxury travel and taking her four children to global destinations that aren't typically thought of as being accessible to families.

    Why Luxury Travel Mom is a Top Family Travel Blog: Kim-Marie shows that it really is possible to enjoy luxury travel with children, with special sections dedicated to style, mom advice, and destinations.

    Read: Skiing and Playing in Whistler B.C.
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  • Kidventurous

    Erin has four children and shares tips and itineraries for parents who want to provide their children with real adventures through travel, instead of the typical vacations.

    Why Kidventurous is a Top Family Travel Blog: Erin gives list of unique activities for locations mainly in the U.S. and provides tips to get the most out of your family travels.

    Read: One Thing You Must do with Kids in Every U.S. State
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  • Family, Food, Travel

    Kerrie is a working mom with twin boys who dreams of showing them the world and sharing her love of travel.

    Why Family, Food, Travel is a Top Family Travel Blog: Kerrie's tips for domestic, international, and cruise vacations are twice as fun with the help of her twin sons.

    Read: 25 Amazing Camping Recipes
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  • Autistic Globetrotting

    Margalit Francus loves to travel with her family, including a son with autism, so she created one of the first online resources for traveling families with special needs, all while visiting 60 countries.

    Why Autistic Globetrotting is a Top Family Travel Blog: An unmatched resource for families with special needs children looking to travel domestically or internationally.

    Read: Is United Airlines Really Discriminating Against Autism?
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  • New Life on the Road

    David and Lisa Wood sold their home six years ago and now live out of a motorhome as they travel across Australia with their sons.

    Why New Life on the Road is a Top Family Travel Blog: If you want to travel via motorhome, this blog is an unmatched resource of tips, tricks, and guides.

    Read: The Cost of Living on the Road
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  • The Nomadic Family

    Kobi and Gabi are on a mission to discover theirselves as they traverse the globe with their three kids.

    Why The Nomadic Family is a Top Family Travel Blog: This blog is a great resource for family travel tips and secrets, as well as unique travel, such as scuba diving, hiking, volunteering, and road tripping.

    Read: Happy 12th Birthday Orazi
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  • The Three Under

    An American living in the Netherlands, Farrah Ritter is the mother of five-year-old twins and a six year old and writes about her family's travel adventures around Europe.

    Why The Three Under is a Top Family Travel Blog: Farrah shares packing and travel tips, as well as activities and places to stay for destinations throughout Europe.

    Read: Goodbye Shark Helmet, and Thanks
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  • Two Kids and a Map

    Jennifer and her two children are based in Denver and share travel adventures and tips for the region and around the U.S.

    Why Two Kids and a Map is a Top Family Travel Blog: The blog features neatly organized destination pages with reviews and helpful information, as well as tips for planning and budgeting for family trips.

    Read: Medical Emergencies While Traveling
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  • World Travel Family

    Alyson and James Long have spent the last three years crisscrossing the globe with their children, homeschooling and adventuring along the way.

    Why World Travel Family is a Top Family Travel Blog: This blog is a great resource for destinations, especially Asia and Europe, homeschooling, and travel gear reviews.

    Read: 9 Reasons to Visit Luang Prabang Laos
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  • The Q Family Adventures

    To combat her wanderlust, Amy started a blog about family travel with and without children, that she uses to inspire and share stories of travel with her two children.

    Why The Q Family Adventures is a Top Family Travel Blog: Sort by destination or travel theme, or use Amy's tips on photography, saving, planning, and packing.

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  • A Modern Mother

    With her three daughters and husband, Susanna Scott travels England and the world and shares useful tips with other traveling families.

    Why A Modern Mother is a Top Family Travel Blog: Susanna's location guides are detailed and include what to see and do, as well as tips to make your trip smoother.

    Read: Napa Valley: A Modern Mother's List of Family-Friendly Wineries
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  • We 3 Travel

    Tamara Gruber travels the world with her family of three and believes that involving children in the planning process and creating detailed travel plans with a mix of education, culture, food and adventure is the recipe to a fun family vacation.

    Why We 3 Travel is a Top Family Travel Blog: Tamara provides tips and reviews for food, accommodations, and activities around the country and the globe. There's a special section for Rhode Island travel.

    Read: 10 Off-the-Beaten Path Places in Rome
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  • Little Passports

    Amy and Stella each have kids and know firsthand the importance of teaching kids about the world by travel and other activities--their blog shares unique ways to teach kids about new cultures.

    Why Little Passports is a Top Family Travel Blog: Get the most out of your travel by matching their culture and travel lessons with your next destination.

    Read: 5 Reasons Preschoolers Love Early Explorers
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  • The Working Mom's Travels

    Working mom Francesca is out to prove that you can have it all--a career, family, and travels; whether it's a global adventure or something closer to home, she shares her experiences.

    Why The Working Mom's Travels is a Top Family Travel Blog: Francesca writes extensively about attractions in her hometown of Chicago, as well as destinations around the U.S. and Europe.

    Read: 11 Fun Things to do with Kids in Knoxville, Tennessee
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  • Bohemian Travelers

    On a mission to inspire others to simplify and travel, this family shares their experiences of selling it all to travel the world.

    Why Bohemian Travelers is a Top Family Travel Blog: A great resource for travelers wanting to learn about world schooling, lodging, destinations, or being a digital nomad.

    Read: 5 Best Beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii
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  • Global Mouse Travels

    The Globalmouse family of five regularly hunts for unique activities, whether it's a day trip from their home in the UK or a global adventure.

    Why Global Mouse Travels is a Top Family Travel Blog: The blog is conveniently divided into sections on accommodations, food, road trips, cruising, ski trips, and more, for a variety of tips across all areas of family travel.

    Read: 50 Places Around the World to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up
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  • To Destination Unknown

    Satu and Simon bring their adventurous spirit and two children on adventures all over Norway and Europe.

    Why To Destination Unknown is a Top Family Travel Blog: Satu doesn't claim to be an expert--she's just trying to provide her kids with travel and adventure and provides stories and advice that is accessible and real.

    Read: Hiking in the Faroe Islands
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  • Family Travels on a Budget

    After planning a dream family trip to Paris for half the predicted cost, Karen Dawkins started her blog to share tips and stories on how to travel as a family on a budget.

    Why Family Travels on a Budget is a Top Family Travel Blog: This blog provides great information about how and where to make travel plans -- whatever your budget.

    Read: 10 Reasons to Vacation at Alabama Beaches
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  • Family Rambling

    Jody Halsted's family has been rambling since their two daughters were infants; she shares family travel tips and itineraries.

    Why Family Rambling is a Top Family Travel Blog: A great source of information for tips to make family travel easier, as well as destination guides and activities for popular and obscure locations around the world.

    Read: Do You Need Travel Insurance for Your Family Vacation
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  • Family Adventure Project

    Stuart and Kirstie love spending time with their three children, so they take time to find local and global adventures to make memories together.

    Why Family Adventure Project is a Top Family Travel Blog: Get inspired with active and adventurous outings around the world--this blog shows families how to break out of the everyday routine.

    Read: Is this England's Best Kept Secret?
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  • Family Travel Magazine

    Jodi Grundig travelled often as a child and now takes her own children on almost monthly vacations; her blog is a resource for other families wanting to travel.

    Why Family Travel Magazine is a Top Family Travel Blog: Find family vacation deals, hotel recommendations, and itineraries for locations in North America.

    Read: Adult Things to Do on the Disney Cruise Line
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  • Hip Travel Mama

    Anne Taylor Hartzell's goal is to create culturally aware families through travel--she shares her stories and tips through blog posts and videos.

    Why Hip Travel Mama is a Top Family Travel Blog: Anne's tips are stylish and include recommendations on luxury itineraries, accommodations, and Disney travel.

    Read: Sexy in Sedona: Why Time Together Matters
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  • Mums Do Travel

    UK-based Gretta Schifano focuses on luxury travel with older children (aged 17 and 13) and is on a mission to inspire people to take quality family trips.

    Why Mums Do Travel is a Top Family Travel Blog: An extensive list of where to go and where to stay in luxury destinations around the world, but mainly centered in Europe.

    Read: Things to do in London with Kids
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  • Tips for Family Trips

    Allison and Katie are lifelong friends who live on opposite sides of the U.S. and share a blog with travel stories and tips from their respective families.

    Why Tips for Family Trips is a Top Family Travel Blog: The extra focus on domestic destinations, family reunions, and national and state parks makes this blog a great resource for families staying in the U.S.

    Read: Tips for Flying with a Toddler or Baby
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  • Baby Meets City

    As a small-town girl living in the big city, Ellen is out to explore New York City and the world with her two daughters.

    Why Baby Meets City is a Top Family Travel Blog: If you're heading to New York or the surrounding area, this blog is full of tips and places to visit with kids.

    Read: A (New) Shared Bedroom with Raymour and Flanigan
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  • Mum's Gone To

    Trish Burgess travels around the UK and Europe, providing detailed itineraries with her teenage son.

    Why Mum's Gone To is a Top Family Travel Blog: A great perspective on unique UK adventures and travelling with older children.

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  • With 2 Kids in Tow, it's Backpacking We Go

    Jess and Jim share adventures from the road with their two small children as a way to encourage other families to travel.

    Why With 2 Kids in Tow, it's Backpacking We Go is a Top Family Travel Blog: Get detailed destination guides, as well as tips on everything from packing, bringing pets, and budgeting.

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  • Wagoners Abroad

    © WagonersAbroad

    © WagonersAbroad

    The Wagoner family has been living abroad and travelling full time for three years and wants to share their stories to inspire others to do the same.

    Why Wagoners Abroad is a Top Family Travel Blog: One of the most useful aspects of the blog is a section dedicated to how much money the family actually spends abroad, which helps other travellers budget for their trips, as well as information about visiting and moving to Spain.

    Read: Cost of Living in Spain--All Expenses Shared
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  • Family Travel Times

    © Sarah Ebner

    A travel blog written by the entire family, including mom Sarah, dad Brian, and two children, this resource provides family travel activities around the world from a variety of perspectives.

    Why Family Travel Times is a Top Family Travel Blog: Get a kid's perspective about attractions throughout Europe and the U.S.

    Read: Opening the Park at Disneyworld, Being Family of the Day
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  • Jetlag and Mayhem

    In an effort to turn her children into mini-globetrotters, Nicola takes them around the world and shares her tips and adventures through her blog.

    Why Jetlag and Mayhem is a Top Family Travel Blog: A section dedicated to finding the best family flights and keeping kids happy in the airport makes family air travel much easier.

    Read: A Stroller You Can Take as a Carryon?
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  • Adventures by Daddy

    Dave Parfitt, his wife, and two daughters have been bitten by the travel bug, and he uses the blog to share about their love of traveling, entertainment, and theme parks.

    Why Adventures by Daddy is a Top Family Travel Blog: Few family travel blogs are written from a dad's perspective, which makes the information presented unique and useful.

    Read: Enterprise Makes Winter Family Road Trips Possible
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  • All Over the Map

    VĂ©ronique Autphenne and Paige Conner Totaro love traveling with their families and are excited to share travel tips and inspiration with other global families.

    Why All Over the Map is a Top Family Travel Blog: The blog shares planning and destination tips for all kinds of family travel including volunteering, learning, relaxing, and more.

    Read: A Wintry Visit to Iceland with Kids
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  • Mini Travellers

    Mini Travellers is the story of a family with three young kids out to educate and inspire other travelling families with destinations throughout the UK.

    Why Mini Travellers is a Top Family Travel Blog: Find information about day trips or adventures through the UK and Europe, all with helpful information and itineraries for children.

    Read: Stick Man Confirmed on Christmas
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  • Mommy Travels

    As an Air Force wife, Meagan is used to moving around the world, which only fueled her love of travel, especially with her three kids in tow.

    Why Mommy Travels is a Top Family Travel Blog: One of the largest blog sections is dedicated to theme parks, with reviews and guides for most major theme parks in the U.S.

    Read: 46 Summer Activities in Portland, Oregon
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  • R We There Yet Mom

    Rebecca Darling loves to plan great trips for her family of three children--anything ranging from a camping adventure to a family road trip.

    Why R We There Yet Mom is a Top Family Travel Blog: Based in Texas, this blog is full of tips for family vacations throughout the state, as well as other domestic and international locations.

    Read: A Day Out With Thomas the Train in Burnet, TX
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  • Mummy Travels

    Experienced traveler Cathy Winston didn't trade in her passport when her children was born; instead she set out to involve them in her travels around the world.

    Why Mummy Travels is a Top Family Travel Blog: The blog includes useful travel checklists and destination guides to help with the planning process.

    Read: 30 Things to do in Devon with Kids
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  • Globetotting

    Katja Gaskell and Victoria Westmacott have both lived in numerous countries around the world with their families, allowing them to travel to much of the world and share their family travel experiences on their blog.

    Why Globetotting is a Top Family Travel Blog: The blog is full of travel stories, hotel and gear reviews, and activity recommendations.

    Read: A Journey to Machu Pichu, Peru with Kids
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  • World School Adventures

    With two young boys, Amy and Mike spend six months of every year traveling the world. This blog shares their experiences and advice.

    Why World School Adventures is a Top Family Travel Blog: Amy focuses on slow travel and unschooling, a unique approach to teaching kids on the road.

    Read: In Defense of Homeschooling
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  • Kids on a Plane

    Cheryl and her family of four travel throughout North America and the Caribbean and share travel tips throughout the region.

    Why Kids on a Plane is a Top Family Travel Blog: Cheryl offers reviews about everything you'll encounter in family travel--accommodations, food, attractions, theme parks, and more.

    Read: Pressed Pennies: The Cheapest Souvenir at Disney World
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  • Travel Experta

    Expat Marina Kuperman Villatoro is based in Central America, which allows her to travel the region with her family--her blog features tips, tricks, and travel guides.

    Why Travel Experta is a Top Family Travel Blog: Full of reviews of locations throughout Central America and the world, as well as theme park and family cruise guides.

    Read: The Pirate's House Savannah
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  • Baby Routes

    Kate continues her love of travel and the outdoors throughout motherhood and shares her adventures with a toddler and pre-schooler in tow.

    Why Baby Routes is a Top Family Travel Blog: A detailed map with walking routes throughout Europe makes it easy to find a great family outdoor adventure.

    Read: 10 Reasons Why I'm Not Ready to Leave the Isles of Scilly
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  • The JetSet Family

    Nicole Standley blogs about luxury family travel from her globetrotting experiences with young children.

    Why The JetSet Family is a Top Family Travel Blog: A great blog if you prefer luxury travel, Nicole shares tips about luxury destinations and accommodations, as well as general family travel tips.

    Read: Butterflies + Backstroke
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  • Chic Family Travels

    Mother of three Tamala Prickett loves luxury travel, especially with her children in tow.

    Why Chic Family Travels is a Top Family Travel Blog: Detailed family destination guides for locations throughout the U.S. and the world, with a special section for Disney Cruises.

    Read: Fun Things to do in New York City that You Haven't Heard About
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  • A Family Day Out

    Christine shares ideas and itineraries for family days out throughout the UK and around the world.

    Why A Family Day Out is a Top Family Travel Blog: Christine's comprehensive plans are a great fit for middle-aged children and are easy to implement thanks to their detail.

    Read: Puffins and Bluebells on Skomer
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  • Family Trek

    For dad Clark, family travel is a lifestyle, and he has been traveling with his three children since they were toddlers.

    Why Family Trek is a Top Family Travel Blog: Clark's blog is full of travel tips and essays, as well as inspiration to live intentionally and see the world.

    Read: 7 Tips for the Family Man (or Woman) Business Traveler
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  • Currently Wandering

    The Curren family of five bought an 188 square foot Airstream trailer and now travel the country full time.

    Why Currently Wandering is a Top Family Travel Blog: If you're planning a domestic family trip or want to know more about traveling in an RV or trailer, this blog is a must-read.

    Read: How Did Your Adventures Start?
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  • Adventures for Families

    Travel advisor Suzette Mack writes about travel for all types of families, drawing from her experience as a traveling mom.

    Why Adventures for Families / FamilyTreks is a Top Family Travel Blog: Great destination guides for global locations, as well as travel tips and etiquette information for cultures around the world.

    Read: When in Rome with Kids
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  • Travel Junkies

    Jason and his wife quit their jobs to become full-time tourists with their daughter; their tips range from destination guides to travel inspiration. They have traveled to 27 countries while blogging about their experiences and sharing their detailed budget. They have resettled in Maine and continue to blog about New England.

    Why Travel Junkies is a Top Family Travel Blog: Detailed itineraries for global and domestic trips on all kinds of modes of transportations, from road trips to cruising.

    Read: Cross-Country Road Trip Part 3: Utah to New Mexico
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  • Special Needs Travel Mom

    Karin Sheets doesn't want her child with special needs to miss out of the adventures that come from traveling, so she finds unique ways to make travel enjoyable for the entire family.

    Why Special Needs Travel Mom is a Top Family Travel Blog: The blog is full of excellent information for people will all kinds of disabilities and features special needs-friendly travel guides and general tips.

    Read: Road Trip! 20 Ways to Keep Your Blind Child Entertained on a Long Car Drive
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  • Baby Loves to Travel

    As expats living in Dubai, a global family led by Lisa Wielgosz shares their experiences travelling around the world.

    Why Baby Loves to Travel is a Top Family Travel Blog: Detailed family travel trips, as well as destination guides and photo stories from around the world.

    Read: Simple Tips for Dealing with Babies and Jet Lag
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  • Adventerous Moms

    Jen and Kendra take their three children on regular adventures, whether it's a U.S. road trip or an outdoor hiking or snowshoeing adventure.

    Why Adventerous Moms is a Top Family Travel Blog: Learn how to find adventure in the everyday, no matter where you are, and get an inside perspective on LGBT family travel.

    Read: How to Find Adventure in the Everyday
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  • Arrows Sent Forth

    Expat Nicole Wiltrout tackled U.S. travel with her husband and two sons and is now on to Europe, all from their home base in England.

    Why Arrows Sent Forth is a Top Family Travel Blog: A great resource for specific European destinations, as well as recommendations for family-friend activities and travel products.

    Read: Tips for Visiting Legoland Windsor
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  • The Travelling Mom

    Claudia is a Canadian mom who loves to travel with her husband and two teenage sons and wants to share family travel tips from an experienced mom's point of view.

    Why The Travelling Mom is a Top Family Travel Blog: Claudia shares great first-hand tips and itineraries for locations across the world, especially in Canada and Europe.

    Read: Sorrento, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast
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  • Bumble Bee Mum
    Singapore-based Bumble Bee Mum is always on the move with her two children, and she shares adventures of Asian travel on her blog.

    Why Bumble Bee Mum is a Top Family Travel Blog: Bumblebee Mom's detailed recommendations are great for anyone living in or travelling to Singapore or Japan.

    Read: Singapore Children Hospitalization Cost: My Experience with KKH vs TMC

  • Space in Your Case

    Space in Your Case is written by four UK travel writers with children ranging from new born to tween: Alison, Helen, Penny and Katie.

    Why Space in Your Case is a Top Family Travel Blog: The blog provides honest reviews and recommendations for all kind of travel around the world, ranging from relaxing beaches to city or mountain adventures.

    Read: What's in Your Case: Family Festival Packing List
    Follow @spaceinyourcase

  • Around the World with a High Chair

    Thanks to their two young children, this family has more than their fair share of good and bad travel stories, which they share along with tips on the blog.

    Why Around the World with a High Chair is a Top Family Travel Blog: A unique section on days out and festivals, as well as ideas for toys and books to make trips more pleasant, sets this blog apart.

    Read: Tips for Taking Kids to Festivals
    Follow @atwwah

  • Morgans Go Travelling

    The Morgan family recently sold everything they own to take their four children on a trip around the world; their blog is where they share stories and photos.

    Why Morgans Go Travelling is a Top Family Travel Blog: Get an inside look at life on the road, as well as all steps of the planning process and how to do it all on a budget.

    Read: Vietnam Budget Overview and Wrapup
    Follow @MorgansGoTravel

  • Wandering Pod

    Travel writer Matt Villano loves to explore the world with his wife and three daughters, and he shares the humorous and honest adventures they encounter.

    Why Wandering Pod is a Top Family Travel Blog: Honest stories of family travel, combined with gear reviews and destination stories.

    Read: Embracing a New Way to Track Sun Exposure
    Follow @mattvillano

  • Smith and Kids
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith anonymously reviewed luxury hotels for years; now they take their reviews to family-friendly hotels and accommodations around the world.

    Why Smith and Kids is a Top Family Travel Blog: If you're looking for a luxury family hotel, this blog is a great source of honest reviews and information.

    Read: The Best Family Beach Hotels

  • Four Around the World

    Australian Holly Conners, along with her husband and two young daughters, takes regular trips around Australia and the world on a budget.

    Why Four Around the World is a Top Family Travel Blog: Holly's tips will help you plan an adventurous, family-friendly trip on a budget.

    Read: 6 Must-Do Paris Experiences
    Follow @fouraroundworld

  • Up Sticks N Go
    With their three children, Simon and Michelle Frost set out to travel the world for a year but were having so much fun they have extended their travels indefinitely.

    Why Up Sticks N Go is a Top Family Travel Blog: Learn about unique destinations throughout Australia, Europe, and Asia, as well as trips on world schooling, housesitting, and more.

    Read: 8 Reasons Your May Not Be Cut Out to Travel Indefinitely

  • The Talking Suitcase

    Dana Zeliff recently moved her family to France to explore the world, while prioritizing the luxuries that are important to her.

    Why The Talking Suitcase is a Top Family Travel Blog: Dana shows that family travel doesn't have to be basic accommodations, but that you also don't need to pay full price for everything.

    Read: Carribbean Cruise Money Saving Tips
    Follow @suitcasetalks

  • Taking on the World

    The Fassbender of four travels the world with the help of every member of the family, from finding budget hotels to packing everything they need.

    Why Taking on the World is a Top Family Travel Blog: Learn about everything involved in planning a trip around the world, from budgeting to creating an itinerary and enjoying the trip.

    Read: Exploring Prague
    Follow @atatw

  • When the Poop Hits the Propeller
    Through her years of travelling the world with kids, Rose Jacobs has gained a myriad of travel tips, which she shares on the blog.

    Why When the Poop Hits the Propeller is a Top Family Travel Blog: Rose provides honest commentary about the sometimes messy aspects of family travel, as well as tips for making the trips as enjoyable as possible.

  • Learning Escapes

    Marta is an Italian living in Ireland who blogs about slow family travel around Europe that is eco-friendly and embraces culture.

    Why Learning Escapes is a Top Family Travel Blog: A unique look at cultural tourism and slow travel with children.

    Read: Barcelona with Kids: Family-Friendly City Break
    Follow @learningescapes

  • Our Traveling Tribe

    The Ticknors have been on the road in an RV for six years with 12 kids, so they have plenty of adventures and advice to share.

    Why Our Traveling Tribe is a Top Family Travel Blog: A great resource for anyone traveling via RV--the Ticknors share destination guides, how to become a junior ranger, and how to road school your children.

    Follow @ticknortribe

  • Kids Are a Trip

    Chicago-based Kirsten shares her family's travel adventures with three active sons, one with food allergies.

    Why Kids Are a Trip is a Top Family Travel Blog: Kirsten shares family travel tips and information about global and domestic destinations, as well as how to travel with children with food allergies.

    Read: How to Travel to Europe on a Budget
    Follow @kidsareatrip

  • Travels with Baby

    Sherri Rivoli's travels have been featured in major publications, although her blog is the best source for travel tips and stories with her young children.

    Why Travels with Baby is a Top Family Travel Blog: Read this blog for practical travel tips to make your trip easier and better fit for your family.

    Read: Best Lightweight Stroller for Travel
    Follow @travelswithbaby

  • Gypsy Jema

    Jema, her husband, and her four children live in a monarch butterfly mosaic RV and travel the country looking for their next adventure.

    Why Gypsy Jema (fka Studio Jema) is a Top Family Travel Blog: With a gypsy spirit and a lot of spunk, Jema showcases unique and whimsical events and attractions around the country.

    Read: Autism is Really a Superpower in this World
    Follow @gypsyjema

  • Venturing Towards the Horizon
    Kelly and Dan Cameron were tired of the rat race, so they decided to uproot their two small boys to see the world; their blog is a travelogue of their adventures.

    Why Venturing Towards the Horizon is a Top Family Travel Blog: Get inspired by real stories of a family on the road as they live out of an RV and see new places across the U.S.

  • Sherri's Travelling Classroom

    Sherri uses travel as a way to teach her son and introduce him to things he learns about in school or other locations to offer learning.

    Why Sherri's Travelling Classroom is a Top Family Travel Blog: Sherri mainly road trips, and she provides great tips for making time in the car enjoyable, as well as educational destinations that are also very fun.

    Read: My Final Trip with My Dad
    Follow @SMTravelingCR

  • Happy Travel with Kids

    Aussie traveler Rebecca blogs about all aspects of the travel process, from budgeting to planning to destinations with her two children.

    Why Happy Travel with Kids is a Top Family Travel Blog: Aside from destination reports, Rebecca also blogs about useful family travel gear, budgeting tips, and how to find a great deal on a trip.

    Read: Club Med Bali Review
    Follow @happytravelkids

  • Haulin with the Oats
    In an effort to simplify their lives, the Oatman family of five sold most of their belongings and hit the road in an RV.

    Why Haulin with the Oats is a Top Family Travel Blog: Get an inside look at life in an RV and what it take to plan a fun family road trip.

    Read: Living in a Tiny Home

  • Edventure Project
    The Millers have travelled across Europe and North Africa on bicycles with four kids, driven a van across Central America, and backpacked through Southeast Asia.

    Why Edventure Project is a Top Family Travel Blog: Great articles about introducing kids to culture, incorporating education into travel, and how to get off the beaten path with kids.

    Read: On Stupidity, a Lack of Common Sense, Parenting, and the Courage of the Meitiv Family

  • Where We Roam

    Emily and Scott are on an adventure with baby Carter to live in 12 countries in 12 months. Their mission is to prove that travel is for everyone, no matter your budget or family.

    Why Where We Roam is a Top Family Travel Blog: A great resource for traveling with a toddler, this blog features destination guides and tips of packing, flying, and driving with kids.

    Read: Update on the Bus and Life
    Follow @twelvecountries

  • My Little Nomads
    David and his kids share beautiful and honest pictures about their family travels around the world.

    Why My Little Nomads is a Top Family Travel Blog: The beautiful pictures are inspiring and allows readers to see kids travelling the world in action.

    Read: Seattle with Kids

  • A Mom with a Map

    Multi-cultural Alessandra moved her family to Europe to see the world; her blog showcases her adventures traveling with and homeschooling her children.

    Why A Mom with a Map is a Top Family Travel Blog: Great experiences and advice about world schooling and traveling with children of all ages.

  • Little Nomads

    James Hayward traveled extensively as a child and now travels regularly with his own family--his blog is a place to provide the best resources to traveling families.

    Why Little Nomads is a Top Family Travel Blog: Detailed family-friendly destination guides for locations around the world make this a great travel resources.

    Read: Gold Award for Big4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort in Airlie Beach
    Follow @littlenomads

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