March 23, 2019

Facts about Argentina

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Known for its natural beauty, Argentina is a mecca of ethnicities and cultures. Food and drink are important to the Argentinian people, as are social customs and family.

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Keep reading to learn more fun facts about the Argentine culture.

Basic Facts About Argentina

What is the population of Argentina?
Argentina has 44.6 million people. It is the 31st most populated country in the world.

What are the colors of the Argentine flag?
The Argentine flag is sky blue and white. In the center is a yellow sun with a "human face." The flag is representative of the nature of Argentina with clear skies, snowcapped mountains, and plenty of sun.

What is the Argentine government like?
Argentina has a Presidential Republic government. The President is the head of state and government. He is also the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

How did Argentina get its name?
The name "Argentina" means silver. This originates back to the first voyages made to the area by Spanish conquerors. They were given "silver objects" by the people in the region. This made the area known as the mountain rich in silver. The name became official in 1853.

What is Buenos Aires known for?
First, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. It is also the most populated city in Argentina. Buenos Aires originated the tango, the popular Argentinian dance. It is also home to one of the most popular football derbies in the world and incredible architecture that ranges from classic to art deco.

Living in Argentina

What is Argentina well known for?
Argentina is known as a place of "natural wonders." From the beautiful mountains of Patagonia to the incredible waterfalls of Iguazu, the natural landscapes are breathtaking. The natural landscapes offer incredible hiking opportunities as well as amazing excursions that you cannot experience elsewhere.

How do you say "hello" in Argentina?
Just like in America, there are different ways to say hello in Argentina. For the basic "hello, hi, or hey," you say "Hola." If you want to say "Good morning" or "Good afternoon," it's "Buenos días" or "Buenos tardes."

How do they greet each other in Argentina?
Unlike America, handshakes are not common in Argentina, unless you are there on business. The Argentinian people like "closeness," and typically kiss one another on the cheek as a part of their greeting. This includes strangers. It's not the typical European kiss on each cheek, though—it's a quick graze on one cheek.

Culture in Argentina

What is the culture of Argentina?
Argentina has a cultural flair, as it is a melting pot of various ethnicities. It has a large Spanish and Italian influence. The people tend to dress fashion-forward, and they love their social life. Men and women have equal rights in Argentina and marriage is based on romance. The Argentinian people are "close people," so don't expect the same personal space we respect here in the US. They are warm people who are nice and friendly to everyone, even those they don't know.

What food is Argentina known for?
The Argentinian people love to eat. The most important food in the Argentine diet is beef. A favorite dish is parrillida. This is a combination of grilled meats, mostly steak, and other cuts of beef. Occasionally, they throw in pork and lamb. They are also known for grilled steak (churrascao) and beef roast (assado), which they cook over an open fire. The Argentinian people barbecue or grill most of their meals.

What drink is Argentina known for?
The Argentine drink Yerba Mate, which is like a raw green tea. They drink it like a coffee, as it's made with hot water and the yerba mate herb. It does contain caffeine. Argentinians also like wine, liquors (Fernet and Gancia), and Argentinian beer (microbrewed in Argentina).

Do they speak Spanish in Argentina?
The most common language spoken in Argentina is Spanish; and it's spoken by more than 40 million people in the country. It is also used in the government and educational systems. The Spanish dialect spoken in Argentina, though, is different than the Spanish spoken in Spain. Some people say it's closer to Italian than Spanish. Other languages spoken in Argentina include Italian, English, Portuguese, and Arabic.

What type of music is popular in Argentina?
You probably guessed that tango music is one of the most popular types of music in Argentina, especially Buenos Aires. In addition, they like Argentine rock, pop music, and dance tunes played by electro DJs in the hottest clubs.

What is the main religion in Argentina?
A majority of the Argentinian people are Roman Catholic (more than 90%). However, less than 20% of those who are Roman Catholic practice the religion. The other religions present in Argentina include Protestantism and Judaism.

What Argentina Is Famous For

What is the native animal of Argentina?
Argentina is home to a large number of animals, including elephant seals, sea lions, and penguins. You'll also find a variety of cats, including leopards, cougars, and jaguars. You may even find flamingos and toucans in the tropical areas of the country.

What does Argentina export?
Argentina is one of the top 50 export countries in the world. Their top exports include soybean meal, soybean oil, and corn. They also export delivery trucks. They export their products to Brazil, China, and the United States.

What is Argentina's main import?
Just as Argentina is a large exporter, they also import a large number of products, including cars, parts for cars, phones, and petroleum.

What is the most popular sport in Argentina?
Soccer is the most popular sport in Argentina, both recreationally and professionally. Argentina has won the World Cup twice—in 1978 and 1986. In addition, Argentina is known for its "football" derby, the Super Derby, which is the most popular derby in Argentina and occurs between two Buenos Aires rivals.

What is the national sport of Argentina?
Even though soccer (football) is Argentina's most popular sport, pato is the national sport of Argentina. In English, the name translates into "duck game." Pato is played on horseback and is a combination of polo and basketball. The game used to be played with a live duck, but today it's played with a white, leather ball instead. While it's the national sport, it's not the most popular.

Holidays in Argentina

What do they celebrate in Argentina?
The Argentinians celebrate holidays like Christmas, Flag Day (June 20), Independence Day (July 9), Mother's Day (October 20), and Father's Day (June 16) much like we do, just on different dates. They also celebrate Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday (the two days before Ash Wednesday) and May Day Revolution, the anniversary of the primary independent government in Buenos Aires.

How do the Argentinians celebrate Christmas?
Like in the US, the people of Argentina begin decorating their homes for Christmas in early November. They use Christmas trees and colors similar to what we use, including red, green, and gold to decorate. The Nativity Scene also holds an importance in Argentina. Most Argentinians celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, starting with afternoon mass.

They eat their main Christmas meal around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Dinner usually consists of a main meat that they barbecue as well as a variety of sandwiches and salads. They also have a large dessert spread that includes Panettone, pies, and ice cream. Finally, at midnight, they let off fireworks and open presents.

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