April 18, 2018

Dashlane Review: Never Forget Another Password

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Dashlane offers to help you remember passwords. But is it safe to use? Read this review before you download. See how this password manager compares.

Do you remember every password?

We all like to think we have great memories. We can juggle multiple assignment deadlines at work. We can remember the due dates for credit card bills, to avoid late fees. And some of us can remember exactly how many touchdown passes Tom Brady had in 2011. (Just don't ask us how many years we've been married.)

If you really want to test your memory, visit some of the websites where you've created accounts over the past 18 months. Without having the computer enter the passwords for you, see how many you can remember.

Most of us will perform poorly on this memory test.

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We all know we should use strong and different passwords on every site. However, it's hard to remember all of them. Writing them down or having a web browser remember them for you is helpful. However it does not provide the security you need.

Fortunately - as with most things these days - there's an app for that. The Dashlane password manager app and software will keep track of your passwords for all online accounts. And it will do so in a secure manner.

That means you only have to remember one password for Dashlane. Then you can have access to all of the others.

What Is Dashlane?

Dashlane is a password manager utility. It has support for Windows and Macintosh computers as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

You can pick between a free version and a Premium version of Dashlane.

  • Free Version: You will receive unlimited password storage on one device. However, you cannot move your passwords from device to device with the free version. All of your Dashlane information is stored on that single device. It will not be accessible through the backup copy that Dashlane maintains. It will generate strong passwords and alert you of any potential breaches.

  • Premium Version: You'll pay about $40 per year for the Premium version of Dashlane. Dashlane will maintain a secure backup in the cloud. This ensures you can sync your usernames and passwords with multiple devices. You'll have added protection for your data with two-factor authentication.

You can try the Premium version for a 30-day trial period. If you love it, you can pay the annual fee to keep it. If not, you can drop back to the free version.

About Password Managers

A password manager will install a plug-in for your browser. The plug-in allows it to work with your web-based passwords. When you visit an online account, the password manager will fill in the data for you. All filled in information is based on its the stored information. When you create a new username and password, the password manager will offer to store the new information.

If you're using a password manager app on a smartphone, it will do the same things for your apps.

Password managers differ from services built into web browsers that save your passwords. The password manager uses secure authentication to secure your data. Its system is safer than what you'd receive with Chrome or IE.

There are plenty of password managers available on the market. For example, Zoho Vault or Sticky Password. Not all of them have the exact same features, although they are pretty similar. They all save data you enter in web forms for later use. They also all generate password strength reports.

Reasons to Use Dashlane Premium

  1. You can use extremely strong passwords. You won't have to rely on using words or codes as passwords so you can recall them. Instead, you can use a random collection of letters, numbers, and characters. Dashlane will take care of remembering for you!

  2. It will help you find weak passwords. As you're looking through a list of stored passwords, any weak passwords will have a button next to them. Click this button, and Dashlane will generate and replace a stronger password for you. Thus, saving you a lot of time the next time you use that account.

  3. It has undergone a recent upgrade. The latest version of Dashlane has quite a few improvements. Both the user interface and features have been upgraded. The new version includes browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

  4. It captures information you enter into web forms. As you enter data into a web form, a copy is saved. It is then recalled the next time you need to use it. This is a convenient time saver and all data is stored securely.

  5. It will import your current saved passwords. You may have usernames and passwords saved in other software. If so, Dashlane will ask if you want to import the data as you're installing it. This is not only convenient, but it saves you quite a bit of time.

  6. It has a search feature. Searching allows you to find accounts where you have stored information. You can launch the website directly from the search results.

  7. You can manage all of your secure data. From inside Dashlane, you can pick from three categories to manage your data. For example, if you have saved credit card data, you can access the Wallet category and make changes. For example, a new expiration date. It will be carried throughout all of the websites linked to your Dashlane account. The other categories are Password and Contact Information.

  8. It will generate passwords for you. You'll love the automatic password generation feature in Dashlane. Just pick some parameters for the password such as symbols and numbers. Dashlane will then create a password for you that is as strong as possible.

Reasons to Consider Other Password Management Options

  • It carries a higher subscription price than other options. The Dashlane Premium version has an annual cost of about $40. This is higher than most other password manager options on the market.

  • It sometimes struggles with odd web forms. Some web forms have unique designs. Dashlane may struggle to place your data in the correct text boxes of these forms. This is not a common problem, but it will occur from time to time, which may cause frustration.

  • Your data will be in the cloud. When using the Premium version, Dashlane keeps a copy of your data in the cloud. This is handy for accessing the data on different devices. However, if you're nervous about having your data leave your device, you should stick with the free version. The free version will not allow you to connect to the cloud. You can keep your data only on your device when using the Premium version. However, you'll be limiting a major feature of Premium.

Bottom Line

We all use multiple devices and accounts daily. It is almost impossible not to have a system for managing all of our account data. After all, you cannot use your technology to the fullest without using multiple accounts and passwords.

So, it makes sense to want to use technology to help you manage all of this information. The technology should securely guard your data against potential hackers.

The Dashlane password manager keeps track of all account data in an organized manner. It does this in a way that works well for those who are afraid of technology and for those who love it. Dashlane has a host of features that give you the security you need in an easy-to-use format.

If you use multiple devices, you'll probably want the Premium version. It's more expensive when compared to similar types of service. However, the price difference averages out to about $1 per month.

Dashlane's Premium version has a lot of features that will ease the process of managing passwords. Those who only use one device will be able to use the free version seamlessly.

If you're unsure if you need this type of password management service, this is what we recommend. With nothing to lose, try the free, 30-day trial of Dashlane Premium. We guess you'll want to buy it after the trial period. It delivers what it promises and does so in a manner you'll trust.

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