October 23, 2017

Best Cyber Security You're Missing Out On

Put up a shield against the cyber baddies. Protect your business against intrusions with the winners of the CreditDonkey Best in Cyber Security award.

Best Cyber Security
Best Cyber Security © CreditDonkey

Top Cyber Security Innovations

A security attack on your business could be catastrophe.

Is your company vulnerable? Take a proactive stance against hackers and intrusions with cyber security measures.

At CreditDonkey, we help business owners make smart choices. With so many companies out there, we’ve done the research and rounded up the very best in cyber security. These companies offer innovative solutions by predicting and responding to threats before they become a huge problem.

With these cyber protections, you can arm yourself against data breaches, sensitive information leaks, and business reputation hits.

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Best Cyber Security
Best Cyber Security © CreditDonkey

  • Forcepoint

    Forcepoint protects organizations and their employees and customers where they're most vulnerable: at the point where humans interact with tech and data. CEO Matthew P. Moynahan brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in security, cloud services and technology to Forcepoint, most recently as President of Arbor Networks.

    Why Forcepoint is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: The company's platforms use intelligent systems to stop risky human behaviors before they create vulnerabilities, protecting critical data and IP from exposure. They offer solutions for network and the cloud, in addition to data and inside threat security.

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  • Virtru

    Virtru is an email encryption and data security solution that acts like a protective shield around your files, keeping them safe wherever they're stored. Co-founder and CEO John Ackerly was responsible for privacy policy at the White House and was previously an investor at Lindsay Goldberg LLC, while co-founder and CTO Will Ackerly spent eight years specializing in cloud analytics and security architecture with the NSA.

    Why Virtru is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: It allows you to easily encrypt emails and data and control access, so only those you verify can see them. It integrates with applications you already use, like Google and Microsoft tools, so you can continue using the apps you love with an added degree of security.

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  • Exabeam

    Exabeam is a security intelligence solution that's built from the ground up for the new world of big data and identity-based threats. CEO Nir Polak co-founded Exabeam with CTO Domingo Mihovilovic, PhD and VP of Productions Sylvain Gil, and together they have over 50 years of experience IT security and software innovations.

    Why Exabeam is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their versatile platform uses machine learning to detect advanced threats, and automated responses alleviate the pain of expertise shortages. Exabeam knows that most SIEM products were built for a different digital era, which is why they're replacing them with a platform that can handle modern threats with ease.

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  • SentinalOne

    SentinalOne is creating the next generation of endpoint security with a platform that can predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats and lightning speed. CEO and co-founder Tomer Weingarten previously led product development and strategy as VP of Products for Toluna Group, while co-founder and CTO Almog Cohen has 17 years of experience in the security industry, including 7 as a leading security expert at Check Point.

    Why SentinalOne is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their solution deploys quickly, is easy to manage, and is fully autonomous, saving your company up to 75% over multi-solution approaches. It's a lightweight agent that scales seamlessly, so your business can grow without worrying about dedicating security resources to scaling.

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  • Recorded Future

    Recorded Future is giving cybersecurity professionals the intelligence they need, cultivated from technical, open, and dark web sources, to reveal previously unknown threats.

    Why Recorded Future is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their machine learning technology analyzes emerging and relevant threats faster than the competition, allowing your team to respond immediately. You can use this outside data to effectively prioritize your vulnerability risk, improving your workflow and keeping your and your customers' data safe.

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  • FunCaptcha

    FunCaptcha is the world’s only CAPTCHA backed by a guaranteed SLA against automated abuse.

    Why FunCaptcha is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Making sense of twisty text, or organising random photos, is actually harder for humans than computers - which makes them highly vulnerable as CAPTCHA challenges. FunCaptcha has transformed these irritating chores of comprehension into a gamified visual activity that resists automation, machine learning, client decryption, and brute forcing techniques. These simple image-based games are so easy for humans they attract 97%+ human conversion.

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  • BitSight

    BitSight transforms how companies manage third and fourth party risk, underwrite cyber insurance policies, benchmark security performance, and assess aggregate risk with objective, verifiable and actionable Security Ratings. BitSight was co-founded by its CTO Stephen Boyer, and CPO Nagarjuna Venna. Prior to BitSight, the two co-founded Saperix, a company spun out of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, focused on vulnerability and network topology risk analysis, which was acquired by FireMon in 2011.

    Why BitSight is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their time-tested security ratings offer actionable insights that organizations can use for benchmarking, vendor risk management, and security monitoring, so they can continuously monitor and minimize risk. Their solution scales from small organizations monitoring just one third-party all the way up to massive corporations monitoring thousands of companies simultaneously.

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  • Illumio

    Illumio has created new segmentation technology that stops the spread of lateral threats inside data centers and cloud environments. CEO and founder Andrew Rubin, an expert in network security and compliance management, was previously President of Cymtec, while founder and CTO PJ Kirner has 20 years of engineering experience and worked with Rubin as CTO of Cymtec.

    Why Illumio is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: As opposed to legacy segmentation, which was built for network performance, their adaptive segmentation technology was developed from the ground up to enforce security policies. With Illumio, you can choose the right segmentation level for your environment, set it, and start working seamlessly and securely between your data center and the public cloud.

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  • VMRay

    VMRay has created agentless threat analysis and detection technology that detects threats like malware that other solutions miss. Founders Dr. Carsten Willems and Dr. Ralf Hund are both experienced in the world of anti-malware technology; Willems has worked for companies like GFI Sandbox and ThreatTrack Security, while Hund has 10 years of malware research and software development under his belt.

    Why VMRay is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their solution can handle real-time detection and in-depth analysis at scale with the ability detect malicious files in high volumes of data. You gain total visibility over malware activity in your network so you can monitor all system interaction.

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  • Digital Shadows

    Digital Shadows is a digital risk management company that provides enterprises with intelligence about the threats to their online exposure, the threats they face, and how to plug security holes. CEO and co-founder Alastair Paterson has over 10 years of experience in advising both secure government corporate clients on risk and intelligence analytics, while CTO and co-founder James Chappell has been working in technical information security for over 15 years.

    Why Digital Shadows is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: They offer extensive threat coverage, with natural language and machine learning technologies that monitor 100 million information points across the entire web. The intelligence they gather is then filtered down into only what's relevant to you and your enterprise, giving you actionable information to help you keep your data safe.

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  • CyberInt

    CyberInt offers cyber protection that pushes past the perimeter, eliminating any potential threats before they turn into cybersecurity events. CEO Amir Ofek is also a partner at BVL and a board director at Gilat Satellite Networks, and previously worked as VP Client Business Executive for SingTel Group at Amdocs.

    Why CyberInt is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: They look at all of your company's assets through the eyes of an attacker, enabling them to identify what must be monitored and protected. They offer a number of solutions to any kind of attack, including cyber posture management, so you can be ready for any kind of attack, and digital brand protection that protects your online presence from hackers.

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    Liberty Investigation Forensic and Response Services, or LIFARS, is a digital forensics and cybersecurity intelligence firm that helps businesses defend their networks and reputations with top-notch cybersecurity solutions.

    Why LIFARS is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their incident response solutions are focused on handling breaches quickly and securely, minimizing damage to your brand, and are offered both on retainer and as an emergency response service. They also offer security assessment, managed security, and security advisory services, so you can get expert help in shoring up your company's digital defenses.

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  • ZeroFOX

    ZeroFOX offers social media security and digital risk monitoring, protecting organizations and enterprises on the front lines of sites like Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and others. Co-founder and CEO James C. Foster is a cybersecurity industry veteran and thought leader who previously founded the successful cybersecurity firm Ciphent.

    Why ZeroFOX is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their platform offers automated threat detection and remediation across a wide range of social, digital, mobile, and collaborative platforms, automatically detecting fraudulent accounts, scams, phishing attempts, and more. It protects your brand and business, including social media pages, as well as your employees and executives from risks like malicious links and data leakage.

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  • Dark Cubed
    Dark Cubed offers an easy-to-use, advanced cyber threat detection platform that's quick to deploy and offers all the benefits of enterprise-grade security without the enterprise-grade cost. CEO and co-founder Vince Crisler is an entrepreneur who has worked in government at the White House, Pentagon, and Department of Homeland Security, while co-founder Theresa Payton has a background in banking and finance, and was the White House CIO.

    Why Dark Cubed is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: The Dark Cubed platform gives users instant insights into their network, showing them how their security posture measures up and offering the analytics and insights your team needs to take decisive action. Their tools are intuitive and simple, too, which means an easy learning curve, more productivity, and faster results.

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  • SurfWatch Labs

    SurfWatch Labs offers cyber threat intelligence that's personalized for your business, helping you see coming threats before it's too late to stop them. CEO David Ellison has over 30 years of leadership and technology experience, having held executive positions at companies like Metron Aviation, Era Systems Corporation, and Computer Associates.

    Why SurfWatch Labs is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their personalized, continuous monitoring will alert you if any threats are incoming, and all of their intelligence is delivered to you in plain English you can understand, so you know how to react. They'll even dig up intelligence from both open and restricted forums and markets on the Dark Web to keep you safe.

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  • ReversingLabs

    ReversingLabs' solutions provide actionable intelligence on data they collect from networks and other sources, giving your security professionals the tools they need to enact security policy changes. CEO and founder Mario Vuksan is an experienced technology executive, having held senior technical positions at companies like Microsoft and Bit9, while Chief Software Architect and founder Tomislav Pericin has 8 years of experience in analyzing and developing software packing and protection methods.

    Why ReversingLabs is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their unique technology detects malicious files in email, file transfers, and web activity before they're ever executed, keeping users and the network safe. With over 3 billion files available for reputation analysis, ReversingLabs has the world's largest, richest set of file threat reputation data available.

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  • SaferVPN

    SaferVPN is a fast, easy-to-use VPN that automatically gives users secure, private and unrestricted access to the Internet.

    Why SaferVPN is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: SaferVPN offers single-click apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome. These apps give you anonymous Internet access in seconds, allowing you to access your favorite sites anywhere in the world, surf privately, and protect yourself from cyberattacks. Their 256-bit, bank-level encryption and unique Automatic Wi-Fi security feature give you blazing connection speeds and allow you to keep your personal data private and secure — even on public, unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

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  • Red Balloon Security

    Red Balloon Security's Project Symbiote is the world's first universal embedded security for all embedded devices, protecting connected office equipment, IoT devices, POS kiosks, and more.

    Why Red Balloon Security is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Symbiote Defense can be injected into all of these devices, regardless of CPU and operating system, keeping attackers from stealing customer data, communications, and other important data. Since the program is placed directly on the device, no hardware or source code modifications are necessary; just put Symbiote Defense on your embedded devices and that's all.

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  • Spherical Defence
    Spherical Defence offers AI-based banking security that learns in real-time and detects suspicious traffic before it becomes a problem.

    Why Spherical Defence is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their recurrent neural networks learn to differentiate trusted traffic and detect anomalies, preventing against intrusion and protecting banks' APIs from exploits. By learning the language of your application, Spherical Defence understands each incident case and can provide tailored protection for each instance.

  • Onapsis

    The Onapsis Security Platform uses continuous monitoring to combine vulnerability detection, compliance, threat detection, and response for an all-in-one SAP cybersecurity solution. CEO Mariano Nunez is a thought leader in the business-critical application security/SAP cyber-security field, and has lectured at Fortune 100 companies, government organizations, and security agencies.

    Why Onapsis is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: This platform integrates with your other security and SIEM solutions and leading cloud providers to provide secure storage and communications for your most sensitive data. Their advanced threat detection capabilities can even protect against SAP vulnerabilities for which a patch has not yet been released, helping to shield your system against the newest attacks.

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  • Aqua Security

    Aqua Security offers full-stack, automated security for container applications on-premises and in the cloud. Co-founder and CEO Dror Davidoff brings over 20 years of experience in sales management, marketing, and business development to Aqua Security, while co-founder and CTO Amir Jerbi has 17 years of security software leadership under his belt.

    Why Aqua Security is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their platform is purpose-built for container security, and brings users full control and visibility over their containerized environments, no matter the scale. The Aqua platform's features include runtime protection with real-time visibility into container activity, continuous image assurance, and auditing and compliance logging.

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  • NoPassword

    NoPassword brings easy, convenient authentication to your users with human and hidden multi-factor authentication.

    Why NoPassword is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their authentication solutions can improve workforce productivity and security by providing easier and more secure access to cloud and web-based apps, workstations, Wi-Fi networks, and much more. With biometric solutions like fingerprint ID, facial recognition, and voice recognition, your employees and customers will have smooth, simple access that's still 100% secure.

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  • Cyware

    Cyware works to enhance cybersecurity awareness through the real-time sharing of intelligence and incident data, helping professionals more quickly identify and mitigate potential threats.

    Why Cyware is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Currently, over 45% of cybersecurity breaches occur due to employee ignorance; Cyware aims to educate employees on the latest threats so they're prepared to shut them down. They'll help your organization prepare a response to potential threats, and their insights and intelligence can be easily shared with others so everyone is on the same page.

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  • Infocyte

    Infocyte understands that hackers and malware often dwell inside an organization's network for a long time before being detected, and they offer an endpoint threat hunting solution to root out attackers that are already inside.

    Why Infocyte is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Infocyte HUNT works by assuming that endpoints are already compromised, enabling your team to track down active and dormant threats within your network. With no agents to install, you can be proactively hunting for threats already in your network in no time, instead of just layering more defensive security tools atop your existing infrastructure.

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  • Cylon

    Cyber London, or CyLon for short, is Europe's first cybersecurity accelerator and incubator, offering entrepreneurs a platform to develop a successful cybersecurity company.

    Why Cylon is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their three-month program features a professional curriculum and mentorship from accomplished industry professionals, and ends with a presentation to leading investors and industry partners. This is a great opportunity for cybersecurity entrepreneurs to learn, network, and hone the skills they need to build a successful company.

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  • IronScales

    IronScales is an automated phishing response solution that not only provides real-time mailbox protection against known and ongoing phishing scams, but helps you educate employees on how to spot such scams.

    Why IronScales is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their solution turns your employees into crowd-sourced anti-phishing intelligence, fueling their machine learning system that automatically remediates malicious emails. This automated phishing response enables your security team to create a defensive plan against attacks in mere minutes, saving your organization precious time when data is in peril.

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  • Protenus

    Protenus offers proactive patient privacy analytics for medical data, giving security professionals timely alerts if there is suspicious activity in the electronic health record. CEO and co-founder Robert Lord began his career with Bridgewater Associates, where he designed and managed analytical systems, while co-founder, COO, and President Nick Culbertson is a former Green Beret who spent four years as a biomedical researcher at Johns Hopkins University.

    Why Protenus is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their AI-based platform learns how each member of your team accesses patient records, enabling it to detect suspicious activity. Protenus' friendly interface offers easy-to-understand explanations of any suspected privacy breaches, helping privacy teams act quickly and decisively.

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  • ThinAir

    ThinAir is an insider threat detection platform that can help you detect a threat and begin an investigation in just 90 seconds.

    Why ThinAir is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: As the first purpose-built insider threat detection and investigation platform, they know that insiders represent one of the top security risks to enterprises and aim to minimize insider risk. They help you track exactly where all of your data is and who's using it, and can help you track down risks, threats, and suspicious activity in seconds.

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  • Plurilock Security Solutions

    Plurilock's continuous real-time prevention uses artificial intelligence to stop threats cold.

    Why Plurilock Security Solutions is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their technology learns normal user behavior within your company's environment, and detects abnormal behavior to root out insider threats. This solution can prevent a huge number of threat types, from shared or stolen passwords to vendor risk to employee substitution and more.

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  • Zerocopter

    Zerocopter offers a cybersecurity toolset built by ethical hackers that will help you gain a full understanding of the vulnerabilities in your company's environment. CEO Edwin van Andel is an experienced security expert and thought leader who has been working in computer security since the 1980s.

    Why Zerocopter is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their service allows you to open up a responsible threat disclosure program, giving anyone the chance to report your system's vulnerabilities without the need for a separate infrastructure. It's also easy to give teammates access to the Zerocopter environment, so your full security team has all the needed insights into potential problems.

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  • Sensify Security

    Sensify Security works to secure industrial operations at the edge, ensuring that every interaction with your IoT devices by applications and users follows the roles, access controls, and permissions laid out at the enterprise level.

    Why Sensify Security is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: With Sensify, every single action is logged to ensure that every contact point, from device to user, can be properly authenticated. Their solution makes it much easier for decentralized industrial operations to remain secure, with the management of IoT devices, users, and applications all accessible from a single panel.

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  • Panopticon Labs

    Panopticon Labs is the first cybersecurity company built from the ground up for online video game publishers, protecting them from the financial and reputational harm caused by in-game cyber attacks. Co-founder and Head of Product Matthew Cook is a 15-year veteran of the online banking fraud prevention world and most recently worked as a senior product manager for Guardian Analytics, while co-founder and Data Science lead Brian Godsey is a career software writer and co-founder. Operations lead Amy Szabo has built a career helping small organizations implement and direct strategy.

    Why Panopticon Labs is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Online games are one of the next frontiers of cyber attacks, and game publishers can lose as much as 40% of their revenue from these threats. Panopticon Labs can help ward off these threats. They use anomaly detection and behavioral analysis technology to identify suspicious activity before it affects their clients' software, reputation, or bottom line.

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  • 6Scan

    6Scan offers automated website security that not only protects websites, but finds and fixes existing threats, too.

    Why 6Scan is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their technology learns from every incident their clients encounter, and uses that learning to provide better protection for your website. Between their huge user base and expert security team, they can even find emerging threats and neutralize them before they strike.

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  • Ellipsis Technologies
    Ellipsis' Human Presence Technology protects website owners by invisibly detecting human visitors while weeding out suspicious and potentially harmful bots. Chairman and CEO Bill West is an experienced technology executive also serving as he Managing Partner of The Atlantic Partners, and has previous executive experience with companies like Carolina Phone, Dial Page, and AT&T.

    Why Ellipsis Technologies is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Working without frustrating CAPTCHA-like security checks, Human Presence allows site owners to focus on providing a smooth user experience above all. They even provide an analytics dashboard that allows you to see the number of human visitors to your site along with the number of bots quarantined.

  • VEEDog
    VEEDog ransomware blocker for Windows systems blocks any attempt by ransomware to encrypt your files. Founder David Lorch previously founded and ran GFI Software Philippines/ThreatTrack Security Philippines Inc. as President, CEO, and GM, and was also COO of telecom test equipment manufacturer of Digital Lightwave Inc.

    Why VEEDog is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: VEEDog tests their solution constantly against the latest threats in the global landscape, ensuring that your data is always protected. Their solution is tailor-made for the small business market, and is designed to protect against next-generation cybercrime threats.

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  • Codebashing

    Codebashing offers application security training for enterprise developers in an interactive, time-efficient way.

    Why Codebashing is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: They know that learning by doing is better than learning by watching, and work to train entire engineering teams with a game-like program that develops secure coding skills. Participants will interact with real-world vulnerable environments, patch in real-time, and even exploit vulnerabilities so they can see through the eyes of attackers.

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  • Eyebloc
    Eyebloc offers a range of simple hardware-based security solutions, like a webcam cover and a credit card-sized RFID blocker.

    Why Eyebloc is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their inexpensive webcam blocker simply slips over your laptop's webcam, keeping you safe from prying eyes for just $5.99. They even offer an aluminum credit card wallet with built-in RFID protection to protect your cards from hackers.

  • CryptoMove

    CryptoMove protects active defense data protection that uses dynamic movement, mutation, and fragmentation to keep your data on the move and out of the hands of attackers.

    Why CryptoMove is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their solution protects against a huge range of attacks, from DDoS to key theft to ransomware, in a way that legacy encryption just can't match. With data fragmented and constantly on the move, hackers can't do anything with it even if they get ahold of one of its pieces - that's the CryptoMove advantage.

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  • SCIS Security

    SCIS Security provides an affordable, full-stack security solution that offers visibility and actionable insights as well as automatic responses.

    Why SCIS Security is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: With their modular solutions, you can pick and choose the types of security you need, saving your company money over competitors who package everything together. They offer solutions tailor-made for small and medium-sized businesses, and even for home networks.

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  • Two Hat

    Two Hat Security envisions a world free from cyberbullying, harassment, and child exploitation, and is building systems designed to protect online communities from harmful content. CEO and founder Chris Priebe was a white-hat hacker for Disney, and left in 2012 to pursue his vision of an internet free from harassment and child endangerment.

    Why Two Hat is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Community Sift, one of their solutions, works to prevent abusive online content in real-time, acting as an automatic chat filter and moderator to keep online communities healthier and prevent user turnover. CEASE.ai, their other key solution, leverages AI technology to detect child abuse and abusive material on the internet; the company is working with law enforcement to help rescue victims faster.

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  • Sqrrl

    Sqrrl is a threat-hunting company that gives security professionals the tools they need to hunt down and investigate malicious users inside their own networks. CEO Mark Terenzoni has spent 20 years growing technology companies, was previously SVP and Business Unit Manager at F5, and has worked with companies like Sun Microsystems and Shiva Corporation.

    Why Sqrrl is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: With link analysis, machine learning, and scalability, they aim to help your team find threats, investigate them, and neutralize them faster than ever before. Their solution identifies suspicious and risky activity within your network so you can launch investigations, helping you catch the threats that slip through the cracks of your existing security tools.

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  • Lexumo

    Lexumo provides code security for embedded and infrastructure software, bringing you actionable insights and alerts when your software is at risk.

    Why Lexumo is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their intuitive risk dashboard shows you all of the public vulnerabilities in your code and why they're there, and even offers patching instructions so you can quickly shore things up. Their service is fully automated, too, continuously monitoring your code for the latest vulnerabilities and only providing guidance that's relevant to your needs.

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    IMMUNIO offers a different approach to web application security that works by ensuring that vulnerabilities cannot be exploited, rather than on the time-consuming task of hunting down and fixing all vulnerabilities. Co-founder and CEO Zaid Al Hamami is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion and skill for pairing innovation with market opportunity, and his co-founder and CTO Mike Milner has fought cybercrime for the Canadian government, worked for overseas security companies, and has a deep understanding of the global security landscape.

    Why IMMUNIO is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: It uses a method that's much more efficient than the competitors' and can save your company time, effort, and money while remaining secure. For example, an attacker may try to exploit a vulnerability by issuing a system command, but if your app's system commands are simply more tightly controlled, the attack will fail immediately, rendering the vulnerability useless.

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  • TrapX Security

    TrapX offers a deception-based cybersecurity solution that set traps for attackers that imitate your true assets, alerting you to malicious activity while attackers are preoccupied. CEO Eran Barkat has a proven record of growing start-ups, and is also a partner at the Israeli private investment fund BRM Group in addition to sitting on the boards of companies like ColorChip, Moovit, and Roomer.

    Why TrapX Security is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their solution identifies attacks as they happen and diverts them into traps, isolating them to protect your core assets. If there is an attack, you'll also receive actionable intelligence on the threat so you can plug any vulnerabilities they may have been trying to exploit.

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  • Strongarm

    Strongarm offers anti-malware software that's automated, simple to use, and the perfect price for small to midsize businesses. Co-founder and CTO Todd O'Boyle previously spent 15 years providing technical support to the Department of Defense and the intelligence community with The MITRE Company.

    Why Strongarm is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their solution keeps your network safe from common threats, including click-happy employees, spearphishing attacks, and malvertising attacks. With a simple platform that sets up in minutes, automated protection, and a service team that's always there to help, Strongarm aims to keep your business safe from any and all malware attacks.

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    CYBRIC is a continuous security-as-a-service platform that offers proactive protection of applications and code both on-premises and in the cloud. CEO and founder Ernesto DiGiambattista was previously the CTO at Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group, as well as a senior member at Bank of America's Information Security & Resiliency Group and Corporate Audit organization.

    Why CYBRIC is a Top Cyber Security Innovator: Their solution works by building exact replicas of your application environment, then scanning them for vulnerabilities and automating security solutions. With CYBRIC, your security team can continuously scan for issues with minimal time and human capital investment, keeping your data secure and your team productive.

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