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23 Tips and Tricks to Save Money at Sephora

Beauty buffs will tell you that when you need to satisfy your makeup fix, a visit to the promised land known as Sephora is in order. These die-hard fans know the thrill of finding everything from nail polish to skin cream. Just walking to the makeup counter is enough to generate the kind of excitement that Charlie Bucket must have felt when Willy Wonka handed over the keys to the chocolate factory.

The only downside of whiling away an afternoon in this retail-store-disguised-as-beauty nirvana is the fact that your pockets are guaranteed to be considerably lighter when you leave. Sure, spending $70 on a tube of moisturizer seems completely reasonable when a salesperson — sorry, make that cast member, Sephora’s moniker for its sales associates — explains how much fresher your skin will look after using it, but justifying the expense to your budget later on is usually a harder sell.

To help take some of the financial sting out of your regular makeup run, CreditDonkey has come up with a list of 23 money-saving moves to keep more cash in your wallet every time you shop at Sephora.


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Many retailers offer rewards programs as an incentive to get shoppers in the store, and Sephora has jumped on the bandwagon. There are 3 levels of membership to choose from; depending on how much you spend, you could end up scoring tons of goodies all year long.

1. Get the inside scoop on savings
Sephora's Beauty Insider program is your ticket to earning free beauty rewards when you buy something in the store or online. Membership is free and once you're signed up, you'll earn 1 point for every $1 in Sephora purchases. Once you reach a minimum of 100 points, you can start redeeming them for your favorite products.

2. Get the VIB treatment
If you spend more than $350 at Sephora during any calendar year, your account is instantly upgraded to Very Important Beauty Insider status. As a VIB, you'll get all the same goodies that you would at the regular membership level plus seasonal gifts and access to exclusive sales.

3. Go VIB Rouge
Sephora shoppers who manage to drop $1,000 or more a year qualify for VIB Rouge, the highest tier of Beauty Insider membership. At this level, you'll get everything that a VIB does along with free shipping on everything you buy online, plus unlimited access to the Sephora Beauty Studio and special gifts.

4. Sign up for free beauty classes
If you just can't seem to master the smoky eye or you're wondering which blush shade goes best with your favorite lipstick, sitting in on a Sephora beauty class should be at the top of your to-do list. These classes are free for all Beauty Insider members. Just plug in your zip code on the website to find out which classes are offered at a store near you.

5. Don't forget to register your birthday
When you join the Beauty Insider program, be sure to include your birthday information. Each year, Sephora will send you a free gift to celebrate your special day, and you can find customized beauty advice online based on your astrological sign. If you've downloaded the Sephora Facebook app, it'll automatically send you a reminder so you will know when your gift is ready to claim.

6. RSVP to in-store events
Beauty Insider members get advance notice of when in-store events are scheduled, and it's something you definitely don't want to miss. Depending on what Sephora has on the agenda, you may be able to get a first look at new products, take advantage of free beauty services, or pick up a coupon just for stopping by.


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Shopping at a Sephora store is a lot like going off to battle; you need to have a strategy if you want to have a shot at getting in and out without losing your head. Knowing how the store is structured and what kind of freebies you'll find on tap can help you get the most out of your trip while spending the least.

7. Scope out sale zones
If you're on the hunt for sale items, make sure you're checking end caps and other out of the way places. Unlike some retailers that put the sales right up front, Sephora's deals can sometimes be a little harder to find. When in doubt, ask a cast member to guide you straight to the best deals.

8. Get freebies from each world
Sephora stores are divided into three distinct areas: color, fragrance, and skin care. Store policy dictates that every customer should leave with at least one sample of a new product they'd like to try, so the next time you're browsing, be sure to stock up by visiting all three areas.

9. Stick to the outside aisles
If you're not paying attention, you probably don't give much thought to how products are arranged inside the store, but there's actually a rhyme and reason to it. Typically, the most expensive brands are showcased in the center aisles while less costly products can be found along the outskirts. Instead of diving right into the middle, make a point of hitting the perimeter to see if you can find similar products for a few dollars less.

10. Save when you buy a set
Gift sets are perfect when you need to pick up something for someone else, but you can use them to your advantage to save when you're shopping for yourself. Sets often sell for much less than what you'd pay if you bought each item separately, which equals more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Depending on what you buy, you may be able to shave anywhere from $20 to $250 off your total purchase.

11. Look high and low for deals
If you're like most people, you probably focus on just those items that are at eye level when you're cruising the aisles, but that strategy may cost you more at Sephora. Lower priced items can usually be found on the shelves above and below, so it pays to look beyond what's right in front of you.

12. Get a 15-minute makeover
Next time you've got a few minutes to spare, pop into a Sephora store for a complimentary mini makeup session. In the process of getting your brows smoothed or having your blush perfectly contoured, you can test out the latest products you've had your eye on at no charge. If you spend $50 or more, you can snag a 45-minute makeover absolutely free.

13. Book a free beauty consultation
Sephora offers several in-store tools to help you find your ideal foundation shade, choose the right fragrance, and figure out the best way to care for your skin. It won't cost you anything to schedule a beauty consultation and in the end, you'll be walking away with samples of the different products you tried.


If you're afraid of getting sucked in at a store or you just don't like to be bothered by salespeople, you can pick up everything you need at Sephora's website. If you're diligent about keeping your eyes peeled, you may even be able to grab a discount or two along the way.

14. Get free shipping on big orders
If you spend $50 or more, you'll qualify for free shipping, which is great if you don't live close to a store. Shipping is also free if you buy gift cards through Sephora.com.

15. Snag up samples
Visiting the store isn't the only way to load up on samples. Any time you visit Sephora's website, head straight for the Beauty Deals section to see what's available for free in every department.

16. Check out the weekly specials
Under the Weekly Specials section, you can view the latest markdowns and limited-time-only promotions that are going on for that week. You'll also see links to everyday deals, making it much easier to pinpoint which items are always on sale when you're shopping online.

17. Enroll in Sephora Flash
Sephora's free shipping policy is great if you're parting with a good bit of cash, but what if you only need to make a small purchase? If you routinely shop online, it may be worth it to drop $10 on a Sephora Flash subscription. Members get free two-day shipping on purchases, with no minimums to meet. You'll have to renew your membership once a year, but it's a small price to pay if you’re a Sephora.com regular and want to avoid those extra shipping fees.

18. Get a free gift with your fragrance purchase
Shoppers who buy select, high-end fragrance products get a little something extra in their shopping bags. Some of the bonuses you can nab include a makeup bag from Marc Jacobs, a Juicy Couture clutch, and a Donna Karan tote.

19. Scan the banner ads for promos
If you don't have time to go sifting through the different sections of the Sephora website, you can still get a deal just by checking out the homepage. At the top, you'll see banner ads that feature coupon codes and links to promotions that are currently available online.


As if these tricks weren't enough, we've also rounded up a few other ways to add to your savings that won't take up a lot of time or effort.

20. Become a Facebook fan
Liking Sephora on Facebook can unlock even more promotions and deals for avid shoppers. Every Friday, you can check in to see what's on top for the weekly fan event. While you're there, you can also get a line on upcoming sales and events.

21. Shop Sephora with your JC Penney store card
There are nearly 500 Sephora locations inside JC Penney stores nationwide. Like Sephora, JC Penney has its own rewards program linked to its store credit cards that lets you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. While you can't redeem them at Sephora, using your card is still a smart way to save on future shopping trips since you can double up on Sephora and JC Penney reward points at the same time.

22. Join the email club
If you haven't added your name to the Sephora email list, there's no time to waste. Once you're signed up, you'll receive alerts notifying you of sale items, the latest beauty trends, and sneak peeks at upcoming events.

23. Check the return policy
While Sephora doesn't do price matching, it will refund the difference on any product you buy if the price goes down within 14 days of the date of purchase. The store also has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means you can return the unused portion of any product you're not completely happy with for a refund.

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