March 16, 2015

Survey: Many Americans Willing to Give Personal Information for $1 Coupon

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Despite growing concerns over identity theft and fraud, the majority of Americans surveyed are willing to turn over their email addresses in return for a coupon that gives them just $1 off an item.

In a new survey of over 1,200 Americans, 52% of respondents told they'd share their email in exchange for a $1 coupon (so much for complaints about ever-expanding inboxes full of marketing messages).

The survey respondents were more discerning when it comes to sharing their postal address for $1 back — just 26% said they're willing to do that. A little over half (54%) would turn over their birth date, and 71% were OK with sharing their zip code.

For a $1 coupon, would you give your
For a $1 coupon, would you give your © CreditDonkey

Other surveys in recent years have reported a wariness by consumers to have their identifying information shared with businesses unless they benefit from it in some way. This latest study shows that such a benefit can be as little as a dollar bill.

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Psychology of Discounts

There's something about free money — no matter how small — that's hard to pass up. Retailers have known this for years, sometimes the hard way (JCPenney tried to stop giving out coupons a couple of years ago by lowering all its prices but the effort notoriously backfired, resulting in earnings losses and a kicked-out CEO).

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In fact, some of us have become so sucked into the practice that we've actually bought things we didn't need at all just to know we're getting a deal. In the CreditDonkey survey, 1 in 3 respondents admitted they've bought something because of a coupon — not because they had a need for it. Women are more susceptible, apparently: 42% of the females in the survey said they've done it while just 30% of the males admitted to it. And 56% of respondents bought items they did not need because of a sale.

The temptation to cave in to the call of a coupon is hard to resist. They're everywhere these days and increasing in number by the hour, thanks to our willingness to share our email address for a $1 coupon or future deals, and mobile apps from favorite retailers that give us digital coupons on the go. In fact, 51% of the survey respondents said they currently use mobile coupons, and 73% use online coupons.

But there are still a few holdouts; 15% of our respondents said coupons are not worth the time.

(CreditDonkey conducted the online survey of 1,261 Americans, aged 18 and over, between February 23 and February 26, 2015.)

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