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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Passport

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A passport can cost as little as $30 or as much as several hundred dollars. Knowing what you need and how fast you need it will help determine the cost of your passport.

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The cost of a passport depends on a variety of factors. The type of passport you need (book, card, or both) and the speed of processing/delivery will determine the ultimate cost of your passport. Adult passports cost more than children's passports, but they are also good for 10 years, whereas children's passports are only good for 5 years.

Keep reading to learn how much a passport might cost you and your family.

Cost to Get a Passport for the First Time

Getting a passport for the first time will cost you more than when you need to renew it. This is because you will have to pay an Execution (Acceptance) Fee on top of the standard application fee. The Execution Fee goes to the Acceptance Facility that processes your paperwork.

As of now, the application fee for a first-time adult passport applicant is as follows:

 ItemApplication Fee Execution Fee 
Passport Book$110$35
Passport Card$30$35
Passport Book & Card$140$35

If you opt for standard processing and standard delivery, these are the only fees you will pay for your first passport for an adult.

Cost for a Child

Anyone under the age of 16 years old is considered a child for a passport. Just like adults, passports for children have an Application Fee and an Execution fee as follows:

 ItemApplication Fee Execution Fee 
Passport Book$80$35
Passport Card$15$35
Passport Book & Card$95$35

Cost to Get a Passport Expedited

If you are in a hurry and need your passport expedited, you can choose Expedited Processing, which speeds up processing of your passport to 2-3 weeks for $60. You can also pay for Expedited Delivery, which delivers the passport within 1-2 business days via USPS Express Mail for an additional $16.48.

You can also choose the Expedited Processing, but stick with standard delivery if you want to save a little money. If time isn't an issue, choosing standard processing doesn't require an additional charge. If you can wait 4-6 weeks for processing, plus the time for USPS Priority Mail Delivery, you'll save the most money as both options are free.

How much does it cost to get a passport in 24 hours?
If you can't wait the 2-3 weeks that the government promises for "expedited processing," you can enlist the services of a third party. An expediting service can submit your application for same-day processing.

The fees charged by the third-party services vary based on how quickly you need the passport, but can add several hundred dollars to the typical application and execution fees.

Cost to Get a Passport Renewed

If you already have a passport, you can save a little money on adult passport renewals. Adults are able to renew their passport via mail. While the fee for the passport itself is the same as it is for first-time applicants, you don't have to pay the Execution Fee this time. The fees are as follows:

 ItemRenewal Cost 
Passport Book$80
Passport Card$30
Passport Book & Card$140

If you need to renew a child's passport that is under the age of 16, you must do it in person. The government doesn't allow renewal of children's passports via mail. Both parents must be present at the acceptance facility to process the renewal of a child's passport.

Cost of a Passport Photo

You can get a passport photo at your post office or at several major retailers including Walgreens, CVS, Costco, and Sam's Club.

If you opt to use the post office's services, it will cost you $15 for the photo in addition to the government fee and Execution Fee for the passport.

If you want to save a little money, you can try your local warehouse store or Walmart, both of which typically offer passport photos at a much lower price.

Cost to Get a Passport at the Post Office

The cost to get a passport at the post office is the same as getting it at any other facility. The only exception is if you find a post office that has the ability to take your passport photo. If you need this service, you'll pay $15 for the photo.

It's important to note that you'll pay the fees separately. You pay the $110 fee for the passport book or $30 fee for the passport card directly to the state. You pay the $35 application fee and the $15 photo fee (if you need it) directly to the Postmaster.

It's important to note that not all post offices offer passport services. Those that do offer them have set hours for the service, and many even require an appointment. You can use the search tool on the USPS website to find out if your local post office offers these services.

Bottom Line

There are several ways to get your passport as well as many different costs. If you want to keep your costs down, preparation is the key. Allow enough time for standard processing and delivery so that the only fees you have to pay are those to process your application and get your passport delivered to you.

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