February 12, 2020 10:00 AM PT

Survey: Cell Phones and Relationships

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1 in 10 people say their partner has stopped sex in order to check their phone, according to a new CreditDonkey survey of over 1,000 Americans.

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Getting snubbed for a phone

Millennials are the most likely to get rejected, with 17% saying they've been snubbed in favor of a phone. Second most likely are people in Gen Z.

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The findings indicate that as people get older, they're less likely to find themselves in that unfortunate situation, but they're also having less sex overall.

More men reported being rejected (13%) than women (9%).

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Interestingly, people, regardless of gender, appear more likely to call out their partners' phone use during sex than admit their own. Less than 10% of people said they've ever stopped sex to check their phone.

Do cell phones ruin relationships?

It turns out that screen time can take a toll on relationships.

12% of total respondents said their sex lives have suffered because of theirs or their partner's phone use. For people who have been rejected, that dissatisfaction climbs up to 48%.

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Even if they haven't been jilted, more people said they are likely to use their phones than have sex with their partners after they've climbed into bed.

Apparently, it's common for couples to lay in bed next to each other while staring at separate screens. 38% of people said their partners use their phones in bed either as much as or more than they do.

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The most common thing people see as they're snuggled under their covers, right before they drift off to sleep, is social media. 65% of people check their accounts before logging off for the night. Other common activities include answering texts and checking emails.

Do you know what your partner is looking at on their phone? Over 1 in 5 people (23%) said they've used their phone to look at something they wouldn't want their partner to see while lying next to them in bed.

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Phone use carries over to the morning, too.

People said they are twice as likely to check their phones immediately after waking up than talk to their partners. That means the first thing many people see when they wake up is not their loved one's face, but their phone screen.

Key Survey Findings

  • 11.35% of people surveyed said their partner has stopped sex in order to use their cell phone.

  • The two largest groups of people who have been snubbed are those aged 25-34 (17.34%) and aged 18-24 (15.79%). The smallest group is those aged 54 and older (5.02%%).

  • 12.3% of people said bedtime phone use (theirs or their partner's) has hurt their sex lives. For people whose partners have stopped sex in order to check their phones, that rate increased to 47.50%.

  • On an average night, 38.88% of people said they are more likely to use their phones while 34.53% said they are more likely to have sex with their partner. 26.58% said they do not regularly sleep with a partner.

  • 28.10% of people said their partner uses their phone in bed as much as they do. 9.46% said their partner uses their phone in bed more than they do. 12.39% said their partner uses their phone less and 17.31% said their partner does not use their phone in bed at all. 32.73% do not sleep with a partner.

  • 65.09% of people said they use social media while on their phone in bed. 51.47% look at texts or other messages, 40.40% check emails, 37.46% watch videos and 36.42% play games. Only 14.10% said they don't use their phones in bed at all.

  • 22.52% of people said they have looked at something on their phone they wouldn't want their partner to see while lying next to them in bed. 51.37% say they haven't. 26.11% don't sleep with a partner.

  • 38.51% of people said the first thing they usually do immediately after waking up is check their phone. That's followed by stretching (20.53%), drinking water (14.57%) and then talking to their partner (13.25%). 13.15% of people said they do none of those things.

Methodology: CreditDonkey conducted the online survey of 1,057 Americans, 18 and over on February 6, 2020.

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