August 12, 2018

Best in Rewards: Top Promotions Experts

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When you want to give your customers, employees, or even yourself a rewarding boost, you need to reference this list of the Best in Rewards.

Best in Rewards
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Highly Rated Rewards Programs

Nothing is sweeter than getting rewarded — at least that's how we feel at CreditDonkey, were we live and breathe credit card miles and points. Beyond the credit card market is a seemingly endless way to get back for doing something, whether it's to watch some ads, take a survey, or agree to allow cookies on your browser as you search around. Sometimes you don't have to do much of anything at all — just stick with a favorite brand and watch the rewards pile up.

We've whittled down the list of rewards options to only the very best. These rewards are worth your while. If you're a small business owner looking to create a consumer or employee rewards program, or you're a consumer yourself and have some time to spare to play games and get a gift card for your own fun, you'll find something rewarding on this list.

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  • Kobie

    Kobie's loyalty marketing rewards programs can help businesses ranging from financial services to travel and hospitality to retail win new customers and keep them for longer.

    Why Kobie is a Top Rewards Resource: With over 25 years in the loyalty industry, they can help your company strategize, and they have to technology to pull off the plan you come up with. Their team of industry experts will then work with you to manage your new loyalty program to greater heights than ever before.

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  • Southwest Rapid Rewards

    Southwest Rapid Rewards aims to make earning flight reward points faster and easier than ever before.

    Why Southwest Rapid Rewards is a Top Rewards Resource: With Southwest, your reward points never expire, and there are no blackout dates on any of your reward seats. You can earn these points flying anywhere with Southwest, or even by shopping for everyday items with their partners.

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  • CheckPoints

    CheckPoints is a smartphone app that pays you back for doing things you're already doing online.

    Why CheckPoints is a Top Rewards Resource: You can earn points from CheckPoints by watching videos, taking quizzes, shopping, and more, and turn those points into real-world rewards. Rewards include gift cards to Amazon, Target, and more, and you can also win freebie giveaways using the app.

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  • Panel App

    Panel is an app for iOS and Android that lets users earn rewards on the go, just for going about their day.

    Why Panel App is a Top Rewards Resource: You can earn bonus points for taking surveys, referring your friends, and completing other simple tasks, and turn those points into gift cards. Panel also offers sweepstakes prizes, giving you a chance to win gaming consoles, movie tickets, gift cards to restaurants, and much more.

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  • Stash Hotel Rewards

    Stash Hotel Rewards is a loyalty program that lets frequent travelers earn free nights at unique, independent, and boutique hotels.

    Why Stash Hotel Rewards is a Top Rewards Resource: You can earn a free night at a beautiful independent hotel in the US or Caribbean in as little as five stays. Best of all, Stash has no blackout dates, and your rewards points will never expire, so you can go where you want, when you want.

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  • Purina My Cat Chow Perks

    Purina's My Cat Chow Perks rewards program lets customers earn points for purchasing Purina products, then cash those points in for great rewards.

    Why Purina My Cat Chow Perks is a Top Rewards Resource: You can earn new toys and supplies for your beloved pets, for example, with new rewards added every month. Visit their website now to sign up for free and to check out the wealth of information on cat care available on Purina's website.

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  • Globoforce Rewards Network

    The Globoforce Rewards Network offers millions of employee reward options to motivate your team to greater heights. CEO Eric Mosley has been with Globoforce since the beginning, and brings years of experience as an internet consultant and architect to the company.

    Why Globoforce Rewards Network is a Top Rewards Resource: They offer rewards from more than 100,000 merchants nationwide, allowing high-performing employees to choose gift cards for dining, retail, entertainment, and more. With in-country merchandise fulfillment in 90 countries and a team that's constantly looking for great, forward-facing rewards partners, Globoforce is one of the largest, most popular employee rewards platforms in the world.

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  • Ev'reward

    Ev'reward lets you search for rewards like you'd search the internet, just by typing in the place where you're shopping.

    Why Ev'reward is a Top Rewards Resource: You can find shopping rewards of course, but also great coupons, credit card perks, and even more ways to save and earn. In addition to searching by retail store or e-commerce site, you can also search by product category to find rewards on exactly what you're looking for.

  • Field Agent

    Field Agent is a smartphone app that lets you earn money by collecting photos, information, and video from businesses near you.

    Why Field Agent is a Top Rewards Resource: Companies use this information to help improve the experience of customers like you, and you get to earn some cash while collecting it. Just download the app, fill out a profile, and start accepting jobs to start earning.

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  • Love My Credit Union

    Love My Credit Union is a credit union loyalty program that brings credit union members great benefits and discounts from their partner companies and organizations.

    Why Love My Credit Union is a Top Rewards Resource: Members can earn cash back when shopping at over 1,500 online retailers; for example, get $100 for every new line when switching to Sprint, and earn tons of other rewards. Visit their website to learn how to join a credit union and what benefits Love My Credit Union can provide to you.

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  • rewardStyle
    rewardStyle is the very first invitation-only content monetization platform built exclusively for digital-style influencers and brands. rewardStyle is the creation of Amber Venz Box, a fashion blogger, and engineer Baxter Box; it began as a means for Amber to monetize her own blog and expanded to help influencers everywhere.

    Why rewardStyle is a Top Rewards Resource: It works by measuring content performance on a global scale, across both owned and social channels, to power influencer compensation. With easy-to-tech products, consulting, educational services, and a mobile publishing and influencing platform all working in concert, rewardStyle's turnkey ecosystem is maximizing the success of influencers worldwide.

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  • Surveys On The Go

    Surveys On The Go is a survey app that empowers users to get paid taking quick, easy surveys on their mobile devices.

    Why Surveys On The Go is a Top Rewards Resource: Just download the app, take a few surveys, and once you hit a $10 balance on your account, you can cash out via PayPal. The app will send you a notification when paid surveys are available, too, so you don't have to keep checking in to see if the app has been updated.

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    COSIGN is a unique app that makes your social media photos shoppable, letting you earn real money from your social media followers.

    Why COSIGN is a Top Rewards Resource: With just one tap, you can connect COSIGN to your favorite brands and retailers, recommend their products online, make your own photos shoppable, and start earning rewards. Every view, Like, and purchase earns you more COSIGN points, and as you climb the COSIGN influencer ranks, you'll start earning more commission.

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  • Kudzoo

    Kudzoo rewards students for getting good grades with Kudzoo Cash that they can use to redeem.

    Why Kudzoo is a Top Rewards Resource: Just take a photo of your report card, highlight your grades, and submit; get your Kudzoo Cash and start shopping on the app within days. You can even earn extra Kudzoo Cash on the app with daily Q&A trivia and academic challenges.

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  • EasyShift
    EasyShift is a handy app that gets you paid to shop, eat, and explore in the city you live in.

    Why EasyShift is a Top Rewards Resource: This app will give you quick tasks at local stores, asking you to take photos of products and displays, and get you paid once you do. There's no application necessary, either; just download the app to get started.

  •'s points program lets customers earn points to exchange for a gift card.

    Why is a Top Rewards Resource: For every dollar spent, you can earn 20 points, and start cashing your points in when you reach 5000. Earn points for having groceries, meals, and even alcohol delivered right to your doorstep.

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  • Achievement

    Achievement is an app that helps you get paid to stick to your health and fitness goals.

    Why Achievement is a Top Rewards Resource: Just connect it with one of the 40+ compatible apps, start earning points for being healthy, and cash out those points for real money. You can earn points for making you daily steps, logging your calories, weighing yourself, or even sleeping.

  • Recyclebank

    Recyclebank lets you turn your recycling into rewards at local businesses and discounts on sustainable goods.

    Why Recyclebank is a Top Rewards Resource: You can earn points by both recycling and learning about sustainability on their website, then turn those points into a night out at a restaurant, a year-long magazine subscription, or a number of other rewards. Recyclebank aims to reward you for contributing to healthier environment; check out their website and sign up today.

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  • Swagbucks
    Prodege's Swagbucks is a leading digital rewards and performance marketing platform, with over 20 million registered users. Prodege CEO and Chairman Chuck Davis has over 20 years of experience in e-commerce, having previously been the CEO of Fandango and Shopzilla.

    Why Swagbucks is a Top Rewards Resource: When users engage with Prodege's partners, they can earn this proprietary loyalty currency and redeem it for gift cards or PayPal cash. Swagbucks is a surefire way to achieve a measurable increase in consumer engagement and loyalty for market research firms, brands, publishers, and more.

  • Rewardable

    Rewardable is an app that lets you earn rewards and prizes by answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more.

    Why Rewardable is a Top Rewards Resource: Just by using their app, you can earn gift cards to some of your favorite stores or access to exclusive offers and discounts. Visit their website now to sign up for free and get started earning your rewards.

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  • Fronto Lock Screen

    Fronto is a lockscreen media app for Android that displays marketing content on users' phones' lockscreens.

    Why Fronto Lock Screen is a Top Rewards Resource: Swipe right to ignore the content and open your phone, or swipe left to engage with it; doing either will earn you some reward points. Once you build up enough points, you can redeem them for cash, gift cards, or great coupons.

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  • GetPaidTo

    GetPaidTo is a handy browser extension that lets you earn money and cash back on online purchases.

    Why GetPaidTo is a Top Rewards Resource: Using GetPaidTo, you can get voucher codes, discounts, and special offers for products you'd buy anyway. You can also use it to rack up rewards points for filling out surveys, watching videos, and doing other simple tasks.

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  • Mommy Points

    Mommy Points is a handy blog that compiles useful rewards and airline miles programs all in one place. This blog is written by mother of two Summer Hull, who loves earning points and rewards and is working to spread that joy to others.

    Why Mommy Points is a Top Rewards Resource: Featuring top picks for the best rewards programs, promotions, and credit card offers, this is a great stop for those looking to rack up rewards. This blog also features plenty of how-to information for those looking to get started earning rewards but are unsure where to begin.

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  • Kellogg's Family Rewards

    Kellogg's Family Rewards is a program that rewards you for purchasing Kellogg's products, like cereal, crackers, and cookies.

    Why Kellogg's Family Rewards is a Top Rewards Resource: Just purchase items with the Kellogg's Family Rewards symbol, submit your receipt via the app, and start earning great rewards. You can earn anything from coupons to electronics to gift cards, all for buying items you'd likely buy regardless.

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  • Kasasa

    Kasasa offers free checking with a great rewards platform that suits your lifestyle.

    Why Kasasa is a Top Rewards Resource: With a Kasasa checking account, you get to choose how you're rewarded each month, whether with high rates, cash back, or online shopping credits. Not only that, but their free checking accounts come with personal customer service and refunds on ATM withdrawal fees nationwide.

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  • Steem

    Steem is a blockchain-based rewards platform that's built for publishers who want to monetize their content and build a loyal community.

    Why Steem is a Top Rewards Resource: It operates on Smart Media Tokens, or SMT, that encourage people to create and curate their own content. The result is a rewards-based, decentralized social network that pays its community for blogging and creating other content.

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  • Points

    Points is an app the allows you to manage all of your loyalty programs in one spot, track them, and even exchange points for gift cards and other rewards.

    Why Points is a Top Rewards Resource: With 110+ rewards programs available to track, Points will make tracking your rewards easier, and it even lets you swap points and miles between programs. Just download the app, enter your rewards account's information, and get started easily managing all of this information from one handy app.

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  • Achievers

    Achievers creates employee recognition and rewards programs that drive employee achievement and boost business outcomes. General Manager Owen Sageness previously served as a Vice President at AppNexus and spent 20 years in various roles at Microsoft.

    Why Achievers is a Top Rewards Resource: Their platform features tools for every kind of employee recognition and appreciation program, helping employees recognize and appreciate each other to drive teamwork. Employees can reward one another with points, and those points can be cashed in for real-world rewards.

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