January 19, 2017

The Best Baby Bath Tub

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Figuring out the safest place to bathe your baby is an important decision. Will you use the kitchen sink or go right to the bath tub? It might seem like an ordinary purchase, but there are many factors to consider. Cost can play a role, but you also need to consider the various features available. Here we discuss what to look for as well as highlight some of the best choices for you.

Best Baby Bath Tub
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Do You Need a Baby Bath Tub?

Many parents wonder if they even need a baby bath tub. Think about your newborn baby. Can he hold up his own head? What about his arms and legs - do they flail uncontrollably? Imagine if you try to wriggle him into the kitchen sink with one hand and grab the baby shampoo with the other. What will happen? If your baby wiggles too much, he could slip right out of your hands. Enough said?

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Baby Bath Tub

Baby bath tubs have many different features and uses. Considering how you will use it will help you determine the features you need.

  • Uses. Some baby bath tubs can fit right into the kitchen sink. If you had a C-section, you may not be ready to bend over the bath tub right away. This makes the kitchen sink-sized tubs worth it. If you prefer a product you can use for a longer period, look for full-size tubs.

  • Newborn Inserts. Most full-size bath tubs also include a newborn insert. This gives you more use out of the tub. Look at the age recommendations and the supports provided to determine proper use of the product.

  • Assistance for Sitting. Some tubs offer “stoppers” to prevent a sitting baby from slipping. This is important if you plan to use the baby tub for more than the first six months. Parents who cleanse their baby in a shower stall usually appreciate this feature.

  • Mildew Resistance. The cleanliness of a bath tub is important as well. If it has mesh or fabric areas, it can accumulate mold if not properly cleaned. Tubs with removable fabric or mesh parts usually offer the most cleanliness. This is especially true if they are machine washable.

  • Depth. Deeper tubs offer enhanced safety for your baby. Keep in mind, though, you may have to bend over further to reach him. Consider not only the depth, but the height for your comfort and safety as well.

Best Baby Bath Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Tub

The Positives:
The First Years Sure Comfort Tub offers everything a new parent needs. Right after birth, you can use this tub over most double sinks. You can also use it directly in the bathtub. This gives new moms who cannot bend down yet easy access to their baby. It also grows with your baby, allowing use until he is in his toddler years.

Newborns use the mesh “hammock” included with the tub. This feature holds your baby just above the water. This means your baby is not submerged. If you have ever bathed a baby, you know this can lead to less fussing in the bath! The hammock’s straps also adjust. You can loosen the straps when you want your baby to rest in the water. This allows him to sit lower in the tub without completely submerging him.

You can also remove the hammock once your baby has control of his head. The tub has a padded headrest, inclined position, and seat stopper. Each of these support a baby who cannot quite sit up on his own yet. Once he can sit without assistance, turn the tub around and there is a toddler “seat.” This gives him plenty of room to splash and play without the risk of falling.

Possible Negatives:
We love the fact that this bath tub has a drain plug, helping to reduce mildew growth. However, the plug does not allow for complete drainage. You still have to turn the tub upside down to remove all of the water. If you want fresh water to rinse off a sitting toddler, this could be a problem.

Taller babies and toddlers may also have an issue with this tub. Because of the sitting “stopper” and incline, there is not a lot of room for a toddler. It is perfect for average-sized babies and toddlers. Those higher on the growth charts may not be as comfortable, though.

Best Bath Tub Seat/Inflatable Seat

Signstek Baby Infant Travel Inflatable Tub

The Positives:
Taller babies and older toddlers quickly outgrow most bath tubs made for babies. Instead of using the tub and risking injury, an inflatable travel tub can help. The Signstek Baby Infant Travel Inflatable Tub has a non-slip surface. It also folds flat for easy transport and is large enough to hold older toddlers. This gives you peace of mind when your toddler bathes. It also has a sitting “stopper,” making it possible to use with younger, taller babies. While it measures much larger than standard baby tubs, it gives toddlers access to the room they need to play in the tub.

Although this tub is inflatable, it has many safety features. We love the water line marker to avoid accidentally overfilling the tub. We also love the drain, which helps to keep mildew growth to a minimum.

Lastly, we love the portability of this tub. This is not often a factor when shopping for a bath tub seat, but it is a great benefit. Some parents even take it along on cruises where a tub may not be available for their toddler.

Possible Negatives:
As with any inflatable tub, there is the risk of the tub popping. As long as you don't leave your child unattended, this should not be an issue. Make sure the tub is fully inflated before each use and stay next to your toddler while he bathes. This inflatable tub is not suitable for infants, either. This is the case with most inflatable tubs. Care should be taken to avoid use until your baby/toddler can fully sit up unassisted.

Best Baby Bath Tub with Stand

Primo Folding Bath Stand

The Positives:
Some new moms cannot bend over for a few weeks after delivery. This can make bathing a newborn difficult. The Primo Folding Bath Stand makes the process much easier. The stand holds the PRIMO Eurobath to Ducky bath, which are sold separately. Together the products hold a baby up to 12 months or until the baby can sit up unassisted. This gives you plenty of time to recover while still caring for your baby.

The stand has non-skid bumpers, helping to keep your baby safe. We also love the shelf at the bottom of the stand. This gives you an accessible place to hold soap and shampoo for your baby’s bath. We also appreciate the eco-friendliness of the product. It is BPA- and lead-free.

Many parents take this stand directly in the shower with them. If you have sufficient room, this saves time and your back! Bathing your baby during your shower can enhance bonding time and help your baby feel comfortable.

Possible Negatives:
If you are a cost-conscious new parent, this might be a costly investment. The stand does not come with the bath tub. You must purchase it separately. In addition, there are only two bath tubs you can use with it. The Eurobath and Ducky Bath work with the stand. They are both budget friendly, but still require another purchase.

Another negative we noticed is the inability to drain the bath tub. You have to remove the baby to dump the water out of it. This is not convenient for a parent bathing their baby on their own. It is definitely a two-parent job.

Best Baby Bath Tub with Shower and Baby Sling

Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Center and Shower

The Positives:
Bathing a baby means having access to clean water to rinse the soapy water away. It is not always convenient to use the faucet. The Summer Infant Newborn to Toddler Bath Center and Shower gives you a better choice. The removable shower unit gives you access to clean water with a gentle stream to rinse your baby.

We love the flexibility of this bath and shower center. You can use it from newborn through toddlerhood. Once your baby can lie in the tub, with or without the sling, the motorized showerhead provides access to clean water. As an added bonus, you can remove the shower unit from the baby tub. This gives you access to the mobile shower even when your toddler transitions into the standard tub.

From a budget perspective, this tub has a long life. You can use the removable newborn sling in the sink or in the included baby tub. You can then remove the sling for use with babies who have control of their head movement. Lastly, toddlers have plenty of room to sit up unassisted in this tub.

Possible Negatives:
The portable shower unit offers a convenience, but at a price. It takes six AA batteries. This can add to the cost of the tub if you have to replace them often. Another negative we found with this tub is the size of the reservoir. It can take up significant room in the tub. If you have a larger baby or want to use it for your toddler, the shower unit can get in the way. A way around this, however, is to keep the reservoir on the side of the tub. This is how you would use it when your toddler transitions to the standard tub as well.

Other Products to Consider

Bath Tub Thermometer:
A major concern when bathing your baby is the water temperature. You don’t want it too hot or too cold. Some bath tubs have color changing notifications to alert you. They are not always accurate, though. We found a separate bath thermometer to help. The Dreambaby Room and Bath Thermometer helps you to set the right temperature. It flashes green for cold temperatures and red for hot. It also has an automatic shutoff and doubles as a baby’s toy when he is old enough to sit and play!

Bath Tub Mat:
When your baby is ready to sit on his own in the tub, you need a bath mat to prevent him from slipping. There are many “baby products” marketed for this purpose, but they often disappoint. The Joylink Rubber Bath Mat for Bathtub and Shower provides a safe place for your toddler to bathe without slipping. There are many suction cups at the bottom to keep it in place. It also has a slightly textured top to keep soap from accumulating. You can also throw this mat into the washing machine. This guarantees a sanitary place for your baby/toddler to bathe.

Finding the right baby bath tub does require a little research. It might not be the largest investment you make, but it still counts. If you constantly have to replace the bath tub due to size or compatibility, it can get costly. We hope these tips help you find the perfect tub for your baby or toddler.

Where to Buy Baby Bath Tubs

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