February 1, 2017

Best Baking Blogs: Top Industry Experts

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Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Baking Blogs have been announced. This guilt-free list will inspire beginner bakers who want to make their treats from scratch and the more experienced bakers who want to up their game in the kitchen.

Best Baking Blog
Best Baking Blog © CreditDonkey

Top Baking Blogs and Resources

Personal finance website CreditDonkey.com knows that indulging your sweet tooth can be costly. All those impulse muffins and doughnuts you buy during the week add up to a bulging credit card statement at the end of the month. That’s why we regularly share tips on spending wisely at the grocery store and present this list of blogs as encouragement to tap your inner baker.

Make your goodies at home and you’ll be shaving down some of your food budget. Don’t worry—you can still keep your muffin habit—simply bake a batch and freeze most of them at the beginning of the week.

Once you start looking for baking inspiration, you’ll find so many blogs out there full of recipes, tips and amazing photographs. Try not to do it on an empty stomach. We picked the best baking blogs the web has to offer so that you can focus on the fun stuff—making goodies.

Read on to satisfy your cravings and baking urges.

Best Baking Blog
Best Baking Blog © CreditDonkey

  • David Lebovitz

    David is an award-winning pastry chef living in Paris who shares delicious food from his travels around Europe.

    Why David Lebovitz is a Top Baking Resource: With gorgeous photos and amazing culinary knowledge, David's posts transport readers to bakeries and cafes across Europe.

    Read: French butter cookies
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  • Food52

    Designed to be a community for cooks and real-food lovers, the blog includes great recipes and cooking tips.

    Why Food52 is a Top Baking Resource: The blog's goal is to help readers eat thoughtfully and live joyfully, and it shows through the healthy recipes and all sorts of stories and tips for foodies.

    Read: 46 Cookie Recipes from All Over the World
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  • Sallys Baking Addiction

    Sally learned to bake from her grandma and quit her finance job to be a full-time baker and blogger. Her blog is full of amazing recipes and guides for how to be a better baker.

    Why Sallys Baking Addiction is a Top Baking Resource: Search by type of food, from appetizers to cookies, and find colorful pictures and tasty recipes. Each recipe is designed to help readers gain skills and confidence to bake from scratch.

    Read: Quick & Healthy Dinner: 20 Minute Honey Garlic Shrimp.
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  • Hummingbird High

    Self-taught baker Michelle learned about high altitude baking the hard way when she moved to Denver, and she now blogs her best high altitude tips and adapted recipes.

    Why Hummingbird High is a Top Baking Resource: Follow along with Michelle's travels and baking adventures, including delicious recipes.

    Read: fresh fig and lemon cream tart
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  • Two Peas and Their Pod

    At Maria's house, the kitchen is always open and she is always up for entertaining with fresh and family-friendly foods.

    Why Two Peas and Their Pod is a Top Baking Resource: The site has everything, but Maria is best known for her collection of more than 200 cookie recipes.

    Read: Strawberries and Cream Bars
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  • Brown Eyed Baker

    Michelle hopes to inspire others to explore in the kitchen as she shares her favorite recipes for desserts and comfort foods.

    Why Brown Eyed Baker is a Top Baking Resource: Learn from Michelle's Italian roots and be ready to try something new in the kitchen. Search by recipe or ingredient to find bright photos and easy-to-follow recipes.

    Read: Chocolate Dump-It Cake
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  • Cookie and Kate

    Kate loves food and everything that goes with it. She blogs about vegetarian recipes with whole foods for rich flavors and healthy eating.

    Why Cookie and Kate is a Top Baking Resource: Aside from tasty seasonal recipes, Kate also writes about how to find the best whole foods and use healthy ingredients.

    Read: Healthy Banana Bread Recipe
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  • Chocolate-Covered Katie

    Katie is a vegan who loves surprising people with delicious recipes that are actually good for them.

    Why Chocolate-Covered Katie is a Top Baking Resource: Find a healthy version of a favorite sweet treat with step-by-step photos and quick recipes. Katie's recipes are perfect for healthy eaters of all ages with a sweet tooth.

    Read: The Ultimate Unbaked Brownies
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  • Half Baked Harvest

    Tieghan cooks and bakes for a family full of picky little siblings, and shares fresh recipes that will please everyone at the table.

    Why Half Baked Harvest is a Top Baking Resource: Creative spins on classic recipes and unique combinations that you can cook even in the craziest kitchen.

    Read: Half Baked Harvest
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  • Annies-Eats

    A doctor by day and a self-taught baker by night, Annie hopes to inspire readers to be fearless in the kitchen with her homemade tips and recipes.

    Why Annies-Eats is a Top Baking Resource: Annie's recipes prove that spending the time to make something by hand tastes so much better.

    Read: Apple Custard Bars
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  • Ashlee Marie

    Ashlee hopes to teach and inspire others to get baking with her amazing recipes and kitchen tips.

    Why Ashlee Marie is a Top Baking Resource: Aside from family-friendly recipes, Ashlee blogs about her amazing cake decorating skills and gives lots of tips.

    Read: Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone recipe and tutorial
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  • Picky Palate

    Jenny loves cooking and experimenting with her own recipes. Her family-friendly recipes have won multiple competitions.

    Why Picky Palate is a Top Baking Resource: Designed with family in mind, Jenny's recipes are healthy, delicious, and sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

    Read: New York City Weekend For Foodies
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    Dorie burned her parents' kitchen down as a child, but she is now an award-winning chef and cookbook author who shares amazing recipes on her blog.

    Why EVERYDAY DORIE is a Top Baking Resource: Dorie's wide collection of recipes shows her French influences with tasty and unique recipes, including sweet and savory baked goods.

    Read: World Peace Cookies, the Newest Version from Dorie's Cookies: Sneak Peek
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  • Shutterbean

    Tracy uses her blog for all things creative: food, photography, and beautiful things. Her recipes are bright, colorful, and delicious.

    Why Shutterbean is a Top Baking Resource: Search Tracy's huge collection of recipes in every area, each with mouth-watering photos.

    Read: Turmeric Latte
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  • Averie Cooks

    Averie believes food shouldn't get in the way of real life, so everything on her blog is quick, simple, and definitely delicious.

    Why Averie Cooks is a Top Baking Resource: From family dinners to special treats, Averie has an easy-to-follow recipe for everything that is guaranteed to be simple to make and a total crowd pleaser for any occasion.

    Read: Easy 30-Minute Homemade White Chicken Chili
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  • Bakerella

    The blog is full of easy baking and decorating recipes and tips, all from a self-taught baker.

    Why Bakerella is a Top Baking Resource: With cute cake pops and cupcake bites, the blog is a great way to learn to bake delicious and beautiful treats of all kinds.

    Read: Cookies and Cups
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  • My Name is Yeh

    Molly lives on a farm and fuels her love of food with the bounty of fresh produce and ingredients.

    Why My Name is Yeh is a Top Baking Resource: Follow along on Molly's farm adventures as she shares her culinary experiments and delicious homestyle meals.

    Read: pumpkin layer cake with cream cheese frosting
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  • Cupcakes Take The Cake

    A team of baking enthusiasts blog about all things cupcake related, including recipes and best tips.

    Why Cupcakes Take The Cake is a Top Baking Resource: This blog is a must-read for cupcake lovers: fun and unique cupcake flavors and designs, tasty recipes, and links to the best bakeries around the country.

    Read: Baby Boy Blue Shower Cupcakes
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  • The Little Kitchen

    Julie knows you don't need a huge kitchen to make gourmet meals. She shares quick and simple meals for all occasions.

    Why The Little Kitchen is a Top Baking Resource: Julie's recipes are easy to follow and delicious; she incorporates her experiences and stories when sharing many recipes.

    Read: Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Buttercream
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  • The Fauxmartha

    Melissa is a purist baker who share minimalist recipes for the week and rich recipes for the weekends.

    Why The Fauxmartha is a Top Baking Resource: Melissa showcases unique flavors, but her recipes are easy to follow and fun to eat.

    Read: 20-minute Tomato Soup
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  • Buns in My Oven

    Karly wants to make food and baking fun, and she shares her favorite baked goods recipes with a few dinner items in there to balance things out.

    Why Buns in My Oven is a Top Baking Resource: Gorgeous photos for every recipe, plus a baked good for every occasion. Karly even shares weekly meal plans to make your home cooking so much easier.

    Read: Low Carb Fried Zucchini
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  • Dessert First

    Pastry chef Anita is always experimenting and is out to show that anyone can make delicious pastries in their own kitchen.

    Why Dessert First is a Top Baking Resource: Anita's recipes are as beautiful as they are delicious; her blog includes baked goods recipes with sophisticated flavors and fun travel and restaurant reviews.

    Read: Happy Birthday to Me: Strawberry Pink Velvet Cake
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  • CakeSpy

    This blog is about all things sweet and delicious: recipes for baked goods, reviews of bakeries and cafes, sweets-related crafts, and more.

    Why CakeSpy is a Top Baking Resource: Mouth-watering recipes with clever writing and fun illustrations. The blog shows how to bake cakes and provides other fun ways to share your love of sweets.

    Read: Healthy Vision: Because We Eat With Our Eyes First!
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  • Magnolia Bakery

    From the famous Magnolia Bakery comes a delightful blog with delicious recipes, fun cake decoration guides, and craft tutorials for around the house.

    Why Magnolia Bakery is a Top Baking Resource: Get inside tips for cakes and sweets as good as the famous Magnolia versions with beautiful decorations.

    Read: Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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  • Glorious Treats

    Glory turned to baking as a creative outlet and now creates amazing works of art with her decorative (and delicious) desserts.

    Why Glorious Treats is a Top Baking Resource: Glory puts creative spins on old classics and makes sure everything is picture perfect.

    Read: Pumpkin Salted Caramel Cake
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  • SprinkleBakes

    Heather is an artist-turned-baker who incorporates her two loves to create desserts that are both delicious and beautiful.

    Why SprinkleBakes is a Top Baking Resource: Heather's food is gorgeous, and her blog features a great variety of baked recipes.

    Read: Maple Belgian Waffle Cake
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  • Oh, Ladycakes

    Featuring vegan recipes and seasonal ingredients, the food on Ashlae's blog is tasty, healthy, and beautiful.

    Why Oh, Ladycakes is a Top Baking Resource: Great inspiration for using raw and natural ingredients in a variety of ways.

    Read: Spicy peanut stew with butternut squash + chickpeas
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  • Fifteen Spatulas

    Always curious about food, Joanne has created hundreds of recipes and shares the best tested versions on her blog.

    Why Fifteen Spatulas is a Top Baking Resource: Organized by type of meal, Joanne has an amazing amount of recipes on her blog, plus tips for making the most of your food.

    Read: Easy Fruit Pizza
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  • My Baking Addiction

    Middle school teacher Jamie blogs to fulfill her baking addiction, and she shares her best sugar-filled recipes on the blog.

    Why My Baking Addiction is a Top Baking Resource: Creative recipes and ingredients and fun flavors make Jamie's recipes particularly tantalizing.

    Read: Turtle Cookie Balls
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  • Love Bakes Good Cakes

    Jamie wants to instill a love of cooking in her readers through the old family favorites recipes she adapts and shares.

    Why Love Bakes Good Cakes is a Top Baking Resource: The blog shares what it is like to be a cook and a mom and makes things easy for busy families.

    Read: Bacon Bombs
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  • BreadIn5

    Prepare one batch of dough and turn it into tons of different breads and pastries with this blog, which aims to make healthy homemade artisan bread a part of your daily life.

    Why BreadIn5 is a Top Baking Resource: Easy recipes and one starter that can be transformed makes homemade bread much less intimidating.

    Read: Ghoulish Breadsticks for Halloween!
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  • Inspired Taste

    This husband and wife team shares recipes that are tested in their own kitchen and that are delicious and easy to make.

    Why Inspired Taste is a Top Baking Resource: Adam and Joanne prove that baking from scratch is better than a mix and well worth your time - you're sure to find recipes to add to your regular dinner rotation on this blog.

    Read: Three-Ingredient Tomato Soup Recipe
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  • The Novice Chef

    Self-taught cook Jessica learned by trial and error and now blogs about her favorite recipes and cooking tips to turn anyone into a novice chef.

    Why The Novice Chef is a Top Baking Resource: Jessica shows how to balance life in the kitchen with family life and shares her best delicious, seasonal recipes for any occasion.

    Read: Meatball Bombs
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  • Pastry Affair

    Kristin is a high school teacher who escapes to the kitchen for a creative outlet and a way to experiment with delicious new baking recipes.

    Why Pastry Affair is a Top Baking Resource: With a rustic touch and hearty ingredients, Kristin has recipes for cakes, cookies, and everything in between.

    Read: Pumpkin Espresso Bundt Cake
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  • Eat The Love

    Irvin has been baking since he was a young boy and loves combining ingredients together to create the perfect treat.

    Why Eat The Love is a Top Baking Resource: Irvin's personality and amazing photography shine as he shares delicious recipes with hearty and comforting ingredients that will make your mouth water.

    Read: Potato Chip Chicken Tenders
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  • Baked by Rachel

    Rachel has always had a passion for baking and now spends her time in the kitchen creating family-friendly meals for her toughest critics - her kids.

    Why Baked by Rachel is a Top Baking Resource: Rachel shares delicious versions of a wide variety of food, with lots of bacon, cheese, and potatoes.

    Read: White Garlic Pizza Sauce
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  • The Vanilla Bean Blog

    Sarah focuses on the complete act of baking: more than just combining ingredients, but making something purposeful and soulful. Her blog features stories, photos, and recipes.

    Why The Vanilla Bean Blog is a Top Baking Resource: Sarah showcases the comfort of food and the full picture of what it takes to bake something delicious and beautiful, plus lots of tasty recipes.

    Read: giant cinnamon bun with brown butter icing
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  • Texanerin Baking

    Erin shares delicious baking recipes that are also healthy - most of what she blogs is Paleo or gluten-free.

    Why Texanerin Baking is a Top Baking Resource: The mixture of Paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, and 100% whole grain recipes don't taste healthy and showcase Erin's ability to disguise goodness in tasty treats.

    Read: Perfect Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies (grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free)
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  • your cup of cake

    Lizzy learned to bake from her grandma, and she now whips up fun and creative goodies for her blog.

    Why your cup of cake is a Top Baking Resource: Lizzy has it all, like fresh fruit cupcakes and pumpkin donuts. Fun cupcakes, seasonal treats, and the perfect sweet recipe for any occasion.

    Read: Palm Tree Cupcakes
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  • Zoe Bakes

    Best-selling cookbook author Zoe wants to help people overcome their fear of baking through her fun recipes and useful tips.

    Why Zoe Bakes is a Top Baking Resource: Simple recipes and hacks so even novice bakers can make amazing desserts like macarons and layered cakes.

    Read: Perfect Lemon Bundt Cake from Sarabeth's
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  • Amy's Healthy Baking

    Chemist Amy prefers reactions from combining delicious ingredients together. She blogs about healthy versions of her favorite sweet treats.

    Why Amy's Healthy Baking is a Top Baking Resource: Amy has a huge collection of simple, healthy baked goods for any occasion, like clean eating cookies and scones and healthy versions of milkshakes and coffee drinks.

    Read: Raspberry Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
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  • Desserts for Breakfast

    Scientist Stephanie uses her blog as a way to test out new recipes and add to her collection of desserts for breakfast.

    Why Desserts for Breakfast is a Top Baking Resource: Stephanie mixes unique flavors for scrumptious recipes and artistic photos.

    Read: Blackout Chocolate Birthday Cake
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  • Jo's Blue AGA

    Self-taught baker Jo made it big on the Great British Bake Off; she now has a home cooking school and blogs her best recipes and stories.

    Why Jo's Blue AGA is a Top Baking Resource: Jo's recipes are warm, inviting, and perfect for families. The blog features a mouth-watering collection of sweet and savory baked goods.

    Read: Chocolate Baileys & Malteser Cake
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  • Pies and Plot

    Pies and Plots is a blog that's packed with delicious dessert recipes and more!

    Why Pies and Plot is a Top Baking Resource: Bakers looking for some unique and tasty dessert recipes will find a ton of them here!

    Read: Red, White, and Blueberry Pie
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  • Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum

    Known as the ""Diva of Desserts,"" Rose literally wrote the bible on cakes and baking. She shares her expert advice and best recipes on her blog.

    Why Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum is a Top Baking Resource: Find the best baking gear, get kitchen tips, and see what life is like for a top baker.

    Read: A Wedding Affair to Remember
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  • Sweet Life

    Showcasing rich South Texas culture and flavors, Vianney's blog is full of bright food and life stories.

    Why Sweet Life is a Top Baking Resource: Vianney shares bright, unique recipes with lots of Latin American and Texas flavors, plus delicious drink recipes.

    Read: Carrot Tres Leches Cake
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  • Broma Bakery

    Sarah's blog started as a way to re-created her mom's good food when she was away at college; it has transformed into a celebration of baking with indulgent and creative recipes.

    Why Broma Bakery is a Top Baking Resource: Enjoy fun twists on classic recipes, all with rich flavors and shown with minimalist photography.

    Read: The Green Thumb Sandwich
    Follow @bromabakery

  • Beyond Frosting

    With a sweet tooth passed down in her family, Julianne is a natural baker who shares all of her beautiful creations and no-bake desserts on her blog.

    Why Beyond Frosting is a Top Baking Resource: Julianne's recipes are perfect for each season and include everything from ice cream to cookies and cakes. She says "dessert is the most important meal of the day." She even has a section for "skinnier" versions of favorite treats.

    Read: Chocolate Mudslide Cake
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  • Maison Cupcake

    U.K. baker Sarah bakes anything from delicious dinners to sinful treats and shares her best recipes and inspiration.

    Why Maison Cupcake is a Top Baking Resource: A huge variety of recipes for all types of foods, plus kitchen gadget reviews and travel stories.

    Read: Sticky Toffee Apple Pavlova Summer Dessert
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  • DoughMessTic

    Susan decided to learn to cook when she became a stay-at-home mom, and she hasn't looked back - her blog showcases her culinary journey and amazing baked recipes.

    Why DoughMessTic is a Top Baking Resource: Susan's latest cookbook is all about s'mores, which means a lot of the recipes are for desserts, but there are also lighter versions and fun travel tales.

    Read: Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Whoopie Pies
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  • RecipeGirl

    Elementary school teacher turned cook, Lori's extensive website features more than 3,000 original and adapted recipes.

    Why RecipeGirl is a Top Baking Resource: From fresh salads to homestyle pies and desserts, this site has every type of recipe imaginable, including original creations to old favorites.

    Read: Slow Cooker Hawaiian Sticky Chicken
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  • Ninja Baker

    The Ninja Baker features some sweet baked dessert recipes that aim to bridge the cultural and culinary gap between America and Japan.

    Why Ninja Baker is a Top Baking Resource: The unique, Japanese-inspired baking recipes on this blog are like nothing else you'll find online!

    Read: Momotaro Peach Boy Cake, #BundtaMonth
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  • Willow Bird Baking

    Julie's blog is about the human side of baking, full of stories and a community of readers, plus some delicious recipes.

    Why Willow Bird Baking is a Top Baking Resource: Julie mixes easy and tasty recipes for sweets like brownies and cake with life updates and fun stories.

    Read: Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
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  • Baking with Blondie

    Baking with Blondie features seasonal baking recipes, including some stunning pies, delicious cookies, and mouthwatering breads.

    Why Baking with Blondie is a Top Baking Resource: If you're looking for seasonal flavors in your baking, you'll love ideas like the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and baked zucchini fries found on this blog!

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  • Bran Appetit

    Brandi became an accomplished home cook by trial and error; she now uses her blog to share her favorite recipes, including healthy versions of indulgent favorites.

    Why Bran Appetit is a Top Baking Resource: Brandi proves that food can be healthy and delicious with fresh salads and amazing breakfast recipes.

    Read: pepperoni pizza hummus palmiers
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  • Foodstirs modern baking

    With a goal of creating memories through baking, Foodstirs focuses on sweet treats that are still relatively healthy.

    Why Foodstirs modern baking is a Top Baking Resource: Scrumptious recipes using Foodstirs' mixes and products for an easy and fun baking experience.

    Read: Cinnamon Roll Cookies Recipe
    Follow @Foodstirs

  • The Little Epicurean

    Maryanne loves to feed people, and it shows in her collection of approachable and inspired recipes.

    Why The Little Epicurean is a Top Baking Resource: With simple and tasty recipes like gourmet pizza and donuts, Maryanne showcases fun food that anyone can make.

    Read: Kiwi Coconut Chia Popsicles
    Follow @lil_epicurean

  • What Megan's Making

    Showing her love through food, Megan mixes old family recipes with her newer experiments for some tasty treats.

    Why What Megan's Making is a Top Baking Resource: A fantastic mixture of savory main dishes and delectable desserts and pastries.

    Read: Twix Cookies
    Follow @whatmegansmakng

  • The Crepes of Wrath

    Sydney loves trying new flavors and learning new kitchen techniques; her blog is a collection of her favorite recipes and baking experiences.

    Why The Crepes of Wrath is a Top Baking Resource: Almost all of Sydney's recipes can be made without expensive ingredients or fancy equipment.

    Read: Big Crumb Apple Muffins
    Follow @crepesofwrath

  • the perfect loaf

    Growing up in an Italian family with a restaurant, Maurizio was destined to work with food. His blog is all about creating the perfect loaf of bread.

    Why the perfect loaf is a Top Baking Resource: Learn all about sourdough with useful tips and recipes to use sourdough in all sorts of ways, from multigrain bread to waffles and cinnamon rolls.

    Read: My Best Sourdough Recipe
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  • Life Made Simple

    Natalie believes baking should be a piece of cake and shares recipes that use simple, budget-friendly ingredients.

    Why Life Made Simple is a Top Baking Resource: With Natalie's recipes, anyone can get in the kitchen for delicious sweet or savory dishes.

    Read: Outrageous Macaroni and Cheese
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  • I heart baking!
    Just like the name implies, Michele hearts baking, and she blogs about her gorgeous cake creations.

    Why I heart baking! is a Top Baking Resource: Michele provides step-by-step photo instructions of how to assemble and decorate her stunning cakes.

    Read: i heart baking!: cookie monster cupcakes

  • Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop

    Blogging from a successful Boston bakery, Amanda shares news from her shop and amazing cake creations.

    Why Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop is a Top Baking Resource: Get inspired with Amanda's creative and stunning works of art in cake form for anything from graduation parties to Halloween and Christmas.

    Read: 8 years, 1 million customers, 100 reviews
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  • Bakers Royale

    Finding her inspiration from a variety of places, the blog is Naomi's corner for sharing her musings and favorite sweet and savory baking recipes.

    Why Bakers Royale is a Top Baking Resource: Naomi's wide selection of homestyle recipes even includes some boozy favorites and cocktails.

    Read: Toffee Crunch Cupcake
    Follow @bakersroyale

  • Cakeyboi

    Stuart's love of baking grew from his mom and grandma; he shares his baking adventures and hopes to inspire others in the kitchen.

    Why Cakeyboi is a Top Baking Resource: Find fun new, sweet, and savory recipes and get Stuart's recommendations for the best new baking ingredients and products.

    Read: Brownie Batter Swirled Cookie Dough Fudge
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  • Let Me Eat Cake

    Nastassia has had every job imaginable in the food industry and uses her vast experience to share amazing recipes, hospitality tips, and kitchen advice.

    Why Let Me Eat Cake is a Top Baking Resource: A huge variety of pie, cake, and cookie recipes, plus recommendations of where to get your sugar fix throughout California.

    Read: Slam Dunk Ice Cream Floats with Coke Zero & OREO
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  • Make Bake Celebrate

    Military wife Toni turned to baking as a creative outlet and a fun thing for her family; her skills have blossomed into delicious and fun party food.

    Why Make Bake Celebrate is a Top Baking Resource: Find the perfect treat for any occasion, from pies, cakes, and ice cream for holidays and birthdays.

    Read: Strawberry Chip Funfetti Cookies
    Follow @ToniMillerMBC

  • What Kate Baked

    Armed with a sweet tooth and a love of baking, Kate shares mouth-watering sweet treat recipes and insights into life as a new parent.

    Why What Kate Baked is a Top Baking Resource: A great balance of recipes and real life, Kate shares parenting insights and tasty sweet recipes perfect for the entire family.

    Read: Ten Best Baking Hacks
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  • Nosh With Me

    Amateur baker Hilary loves creating new recipes with her mixer and showcases baked sweet and salty treats and dishes on her blog.

    Why Nosh With Me is a Top Baking Resource: Find kitchen tips, candy reviews, and delicious recipes, all by Hilary and her trusty KitchenAid mixer.

    Read: Black Forest Organic Candy (and Giveaway)
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  • Peggy Markel

    Peggy Markel's blog is a travel and culinary adventure with recipes from the various countries and regions its writer visits.

    Why Peggy Markel is a Top Baking Resource: Adventurous home cooks who want to discover new flavors will find plenty of unique recipes on this blog.

    Read: Recipe for Pasticciotto Napoletano: Pastry Cream Pie with Black Cherries
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  • Easybaked
    Ruthanne shows that great baking doesn't need to be complicated - her simple recipes are delicious and perfect for bakers of all levels.

    Why Easybaked is a Top Baking Resource: Impress your guests with these easy-to-follow recipes that are sure to be delicious, including fun cakes and playful cupcakes.

    Read: Cookie Dough Layer Cake

  • Grandbaby Cakes

    Inspired by her grandmother, Jocelyn is out to modernize old favorite recipes and introduce baking to a new generation.

    Why Grandbaby Cakes is a Top Baking Resource: Jocelyn's recipes for things like cupcakes, biscuits, and ice cream are soulful and filled with lots of comfort food-inspired flavors.

    Read: Coca-Cola Chocolate Cupcakes with Peppermint Buttercream
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  • Handle the Heat

    With a culinary degree and years of experience, Tessa knows her way around the kitchen. She blogs about decadent recipes and baking tips to add a little sweetness to your life.

    Why Handle the Heat is a Top Baking Resource: Tessa's cupcake and cookie recipes and tips for baking and decorating will help anyone learn to bake like a pro.

    Read: Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Mousse Pie
    Follow @handleheat

  • Baked NYC

    Using a team of experienced bakers, the blog showcases true American baking and lots of brownies.

    Why Baked NYC is a Top Baking Resource: Follow baking trends, find twists on classic recipes, and see what baking is like in the U.S. and around the world.

    Read: Baked is Opening in Japan
    Follow @brooklynbaker

  • bell'alimento

    Paula is passionate about the entire food process, but has a special love for Italian food. She shares recipes from growing up in Italy and her travels around the world.

    Why bell'alimento is a Top Baking Resource: Italian food doesn't require fancy ingredients to taste good, and Paula focuses on quality, simple ingredients.

    Read: Whiskey Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Follow @bellalimento

  • Rodelle Kitchen Blog

    The blog is run by a company that makes high-quality, pure ingredients, so the recipes featured are exquisite and delicious.

    Why Rodelle Kitchen Blog is a Top Baking Resource: Find great recipes with rich flavors to match the seasons, like summer popsicles and autumn cocktails.

    Read: Rodelle's Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes
    Follow @RodelleV

  • Cupcake Project

    Aside from more than 200 creative cupcake recipes, Stefani's blog also showcases her other experiments in baking.

    Why Cupcake Project is a Top Baking Resource: Stefani's cake recipes are unique and creative and unlike anything you've ever tasted before, plus she includes baking and decorating tips.

    Read: Baked Spiced Apple Cider Donut Holes Made with Brown Sugar
    Follow @cupcakeproject

  • Sweet Cheeks Baking Company
    Combining baking and entertaining, Sweet Cheeks shows how to make treats the heart of an event.

    Why Sweet Cheeks Baking Company is a Top Baking Resource: Find inspiration for desserts and treats at events from weddings to huge parties and learn about new trends in event food.

    Read: SUPERMOMS in the Wedding Biz

  • Baby Boy Bakery

    Jacqui is all about using food to spread happiness and joy and shares her best kid-friendly recipes.

    Why Baby Boy Bakery is a Top Baking Resource: A great place for tasty meals for the entire family, including baby food recipes, and a little bit of happiness and inspiration. The recipes and inspirations is delivered in the form of their We Cook Kits.

    Read: Blog: A New Space . . . A New Project
    Follow @babyboybakery and instagram.com/babyboybakerykids/

  • Kara's Cupcakes

    San Francisco bakery owner Kara blogs with news about her shop, baking trends, and how to decorate stunning desserts.

    Why Kara's Cupcakes is a Top Baking Resource: Get inspired with fun and tasty cupcakes and cakes, like 4th of July cakes and Valentine's Day desserts.

    Follow @karascupcakes

  • Miss NiNi

    Miss NiNi's Fine Desserts is a dessert company featuring cheesecakes, layer cakes, coffee cake, dessert breads, cookies, and brownies. Miss NiNi's desserts are handcrafted and many of them are award winners including Grand Champions at the Iowa State Fair.

    Why Miss NiNi is a Top Baking Resource: Home cooks on the lookout for delicious, fun, and easy dessert recipes will find plenty of them here.

    Read: I Didn't Get the Memo
    Follow @MissNiNiDessert

  • Bake and Destroy

    A vegan with edge, Natalie's blog combines her tough side with her love of baking with eco-friendly ingredients.

    Why Bake and Destroy is a Top Baking Resource: Delicious vegan recipes, plus an annual wrestling-themed competition appropriately called SugarSlam.

    Read: Chicago's Best Vegan Eats
    Follow @bakeanddestroy

  • Baking Steel

    Run by a company that makes steel pizza pans, the blog is all about creating the best crust - from pizza and bread to sweet treats.

    Why Baking Steel is a Top Baking Resource: Delicious sweet and savory baking recipes with a unique approach to kitchen gear that will make readers re-think pizza.

    Read: Blog
    Follow @BakingSteel

  • Flourish - King Arthur Flour

    America’s oldest flour company shares recipes and baking tips for both traditional and gluten-free bakers.

    Why Flourish - King Arthur Flour is a Top Baking Resource: Beautiful sweet and savory seasonal recipes from a leader in the baking world - you'll be surprised what you can do with flour. Their website was also named Best Culinary Website in 2016 by the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

    Read: Truly Decadent Bacon Brownies
    Follow @KingArthurFlour

  • Among Friends Baking Mixes

    Among Friends is the creation of two friends (and moms) who love baking and wanted to help people fill their kitchens with fresh-from-the-oven baked goods made from the best ingredients - but might be pressed for time. The mixes are made with whole grains, non-GMO ingredients and are gluten-free. Packed with flavor, these treats satisfy everyone with a craving for something delicious and nutritious.

    Why Among Friends Baking Mixes is a Top Baking Resource: The blog adds a personal touch to baking and shares the benefits of using real ingredients.

    Read: Happy New Year from our Homes to Yours
    Follow @amongfriendsbakingmixes

  • Hot Bread Kitchen

    With a goal of changing the food industry and creating the new generation of bakers, Hot Bread Kitchen shares interesting food news and delicious baked recipes.

    Why Hot Bread Kitchen is a Top Baking Resource: Find innovative spins on classic entree and dessert recipes, as well as fun culinary news.

    Read: The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook
    Follow @HotBreadKitchen

  • KRISTA'S Baking Co.
    Krista's company sells mixes for a variety of baked goods, and she blogs about the many ways to bake with the mixes.

    Why KRISTA'S Baking Co. is a Top Baking Resource: Krista showcases simple and delicious baked goods recipes with fresh and seasonal ingredients, some of which use her baking mixes.

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