December 14, 2017

This Home Control System Might Just Be the Absolute Best in Home Automation

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Home automation isn't a new idea, but the technology is finally catching up with the sci-fi dream of a fully automated home.

Few home automation systems offer the functionality, ease of use, and flat-out cool factor of ELAN, and for good reason: it was one of the first brands in the home automation space, having been working toward a fully connected home since 1989.

With almost three decades of experience under their belts, ELAN's fine-tuned system offers just about everything you'd want out of a high-end home control system, and several things you never knew you wanted.


ELAN's claim to fame is the consistency of its experience.

Whether you're using their proprietary ELAN remote, their wall-mounted touch panel, a personal tablet, or your smartphone, you'll know exactly what to do because it looks and operates the same across all devices. Their system aims to put full control of everything in your home in the palm of your hand.

For example, if you love having the blinds closed and the lights dimmed in a cool room when you watch a movie, you can program that setting in your ELAN system. With a single tap, your blinds will shut, the lights will lower, and your air conditioning will kick in to cool you off.

With multiple custom programs and remote activation available, you can have your home set to your most comfortable environment when you walk in the door after a day's work. Deactivate those settings when you leave and you can save a ton of energy, too.

Quality-of-life improvements don't stop there: if you're having a patio party, take your ELAN remote outside and you can control music both indoors and out without having to run inside to do so.

You can even play different media in different rooms, and control it all from one spot. The number of devices you can control individually is pretty staggering, too; ELAN is also designed to work for businesses, so you can play different media on up to 64 zones of audio or 32 video displays. That's pretty cool for all of you with 32 TVs in your homes.


While ELAN is built for luxury, it can also function as a means of family communication and security. It plays nice with most leading home security systems, allowing you to activate and deactivate them from within the ELAN system. You can use it to access your security cameras to check on the kids remotely, or switch on your security system from the office if you're working late.

It doesn't stop there, either; you can connect two ELAN systems together to communicate with and between both seamlessly. Let's say you drop the kids off at a friend's house for the afternoon, and that house has an ELAN system, too. If you want to check up on them, you can do so just as easily as if they were in the next room if your two systems are connected. If both homes have connected security cameras, you can even use them to video chat with your loved ones.

Topping off their security and communications features, ELAN also offers a video and voice-enabled doorbell system. You can answer the door, talk to whomever is visiting, see them, and hear them from anywhere, be it on your couch or a beach halfway around the world.


Another of ELAN's big benefits is its open ecosystem. We already mentioned that it integrates well with most leading home security systems, but it also does so with any number of other products. There are an almost overwhelming number of products out there for smart lighting, heating, and cooling, and ELAN can serve as your One Ring to rule them all.

It can even integrate with other home automation systems. Its latest iteration, ELAN 8, has enabled voice control via the Amazon Echo, for example, so you don't even need to bother tapping the remote to set your home to your optimum temperature or lighting.


So how much will it cost to outfit your home with all of this Star Trek-level technology? That's where ELAN's biggest drawback comes in: it's not cheap.

You can begin to outfit a small to mid-sized home for several thousand dollars, and systems in larger homes can run upwards of a whopping $100,000. This isn't entry-level home automation; it's a real, long-term investment in your quality of life. They do offer lower-cost options, but if you want all the bells and whistles, you'll have to open up your pocketbook.

The high price point means that ELAN certainly isn't going to be for everyone. If you can afford it, you'll find few systems on the market as full-featured and intuitive. For the rest of us, though, there are plenty of budget home automation alternatives out there.

For starters, the booming smart speaker has brought us the Amazon Echo and Google Home, which allow you to switch lights and appliances on and off with a simple voice command. Those solutions come in at under $200, and they're more than enough to get you started. There’s also a large number of smart home “hubs” out there that will let you control your home with your phone. If you just want to test the waters on home automation, you'll probably want to start with one of these options.

Home automation isn't going anywhere, and it's only getting better. While the Amazon Echos of the world are great for the cost, ELAN is paving the way for the industry with features that will hopefully become standard in all homes in the coming years and decades.

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