November 30, 2018

Revel POS Review

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Are you tired of trying to run your business manually? If inventory, sales, and managing employees take away from your time to grow your business, a cloud-based POS, such as Revel POS, may be just what you need.

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Revel brings the front- and back-of-house together in one seamless cloud-based program. Revel works directly on an Apple iPad, but can also integrate a receipt printer, secure cash drawer, and Customer Display system.

Revel helps you manage inventory, sales, customers, employees, and purchase orders all from one system. You don't have to worry about manually syncing data or worry that one location is more informed than another. Every employee who logs into the POS system from any location will have up-to-the minute information helping your business to stay on track.

Keep reading to see if the Revel POS may be right for you.

Who Is Revel POS Best For?

Because of its complex features, Revel is a good solution for large businesses with several locations. Seamlessly integrating each location into one dashboard is possible with automatic data syncing. Even smaller businesses that have complex business needs can find a use for the Revel POS.

Where Revel likes to target their advertising, however, is the food business, including restaurants, bars, and quick service restaurants. Their menu modifiers make it easy for companies to keep everyone on the same page as a customer's order is fulfilled.

Revel also works well for retailers with multiple locations. It has a variety of helpful functions, including customer rewards (loyalty points), gift cards, and returns/exchanges. It also helps you manage employees so that you staff your establishment when it needs it the most to help decrease your overhead.


Revel isn't incredibly transparent with their pricing on their website. You have to contact a Revel agent to get pricing specific to your business. They do advertise prices as low as $99 per month, but there's no guarantee you'll get that price until you talk with an agent.

Revel does offer flat-rate payment processing to help you know ahead of time what credit card transactions will cost you. They do also charge for installation and/or onboarding when you first start with the Revel POS.

One feature you should look for with any POS is the integrations it offers. Revel offers a large selection of third-party integrations, which means systems you already use may mesh with the Revel POS, making it as if you have one large system. A few quick examples include Apple Pay, QuickBooks Online, and LoyalTree.

Reasons Why We Like It

  • You can simplify the inventory process. With one dashboard, you can manage your inventory for the entire company, balancing both the front-end and back-end without taking hours or days to take manual inventory.

  • You can use a Customer Display System to keep orders accurate. A CDS system allows customers to see the order as your employees take it. They can make corrections or ensure accuracy. They can also opt for emailed receipts and sign right on the device to keep your materials costs down.

  • You can continue operating even when the internet goes down. Revel still allows you to take swiped payments with their "Always On" mode. The payments are queued to process as soon as you are back online. You can even set up limitations regarding how many offline transactions you will accept in order to limit your liability.

  • You can stay one step ahead of inventory by simplifying the process. The POS tracks your inventory as you accept orders from vendors and make sales. Whether you run a restaurant or retail store, you can specify the detail of each inventory level, and receive alerts when supply is running low. Revel can also create purchase orders for you to make reordering easy.

  • Revel offers 24/7 online and phone support. Many online POS systems only offer online chat or email customer service. Revel customer service representatives are available around-the-clock to help you with any system issues.

  • You can set up custom permissions on the front-end system. You can assign each employee a specific PIN that gives them access to the features you allow.

  • You can set up hot-keys or barcodes for a simple sales process. The hot-keys can include modifiers and you can set up custom discounts, tax rates, and surcharges for each sale.

  • You can get a bird's-eye view of the company's status just by logging in as an administrator. At first glance, you can see the hottest items selling that day, how many employees are working at the moment, and basic inventory management features.

  • You can create up to 30 customized reports. Some of the information you can obtain includes sales by product, sales by hour, most popular payment type and inventory levels. These reports can help you save time while knowing where your company needs to make changes/cuts in order to save money.

  • There is an "assistant" built into the Revel POS system. If you are having trouble, you can get step-by-step guides and videos to help you through the issue.

Reasons You May Want to Look Elsewhere

  • The onboarding can take a while, especially if you've never used a POS system. Revel was created under the assumption that users are familiar with POS systems. Even with that knowledge, it could take many hours to get used to the functions Revel offers. It's not a plug-and-play type service.

  • The pricing is high and often requires a long contract. The pricing is per month and it's on the higher end than most other POS systems. In order to get the cost down, you'll have to sign a 3-year contract.

  • You can't use just any hardware. Before you invest in hardware to work with the Revel POS, check with the company to see if it's compatible. Revel sells hardware bundles to help you avoid this issue, but because their pricing tends to be high, you may find that you want to look elsewhere for hardware.

How It Compares

Clover: Clover is another cloud-based POS that helps you integrate the front- and back-end of your retail store or food establishment. Clover offers a variety of hardware options from countertop devices to mobile devices that you can walk around the store with to help customers. Clover is designed for retail stores, food establishments, and service establishments.

Toast: Created specifically for restaurants, Toast is a POS system that makes running a restaurant easier. Toast offers an all-in-one platform with cloud-based software to help you manage sales, employees, and inventory, all in one system.

Square: If you want a free POS that packs a punch, Square is a good choice. You do pay a percentage of each credit card swiped, but the POS itself is free. Square is best used by small or new businesses as well as those businesses that only accept the occasional credit card payment.

Bottom Line

Revel POS is a good solution for mid-size to large companies and/or food establishments. It's a good idea to shop around and look at all of your POS options to see how they suit your business in particular. Each business, even those in the same industry, will have specific needs they need addressed to solidify the front-of-house and back-of-house reconciliation.

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