January 24, 2017

ooVoo Review: Video Chat App Saves Money

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Put an end to misunderstandings by connecting to your partners, remote workers, and clients with ooVoo, a mobile and PC app that lets you video call with up to 12 people. Read on to see whether this free application is worth your time.

Audio-only calls are still the norm in many business settings, even as technology advances have made it so video conferences are possible and user friendly. Often, though, the video-call tools are clunky and limit who you can see and hear, making it so one or two people hog the spotlight. When time gets wasted and voices can’t be heard, the business is what suffers—unproductive hours translate into real dollars, and so do miscommunications.

We’re going to tell you all about ooVoo, an app you may not have heard of that can save your business time and money.

Read on to see if your business should give this app a whirl.


Easily make high-quality video calls with anyone you feel like, from your clients and employees to investors and business partners. This app stands out by letting you see and talk to as many as 12 people at once. You can also send text messages while you’re on the call.

You’ll benefit from not having to pay long-distance calls and HD hosting fees. In addition to video calls, you can send text, pictures, and video messages, along with other useful group chatting features. It is available for big-name mobile devices as well as Macs and PCs.

Reasons ooVoo Is Worth a Look

  1. You can connect with multiple people at once. For web-centric businesses with a dispersed workplace, this can be huge. Finally, you can have a status call midweek and feel like you’re all together. It’ll help you develop your culture, get your employees on the same page, and help everyone have a voice. Even just a 15-minute call with 5 employees together could save each of you an hour of back-and-forth emails and games of phone tag.

  2. It’s free. Similar services require that you buy minutes or credits for quality video chatting, but with ooVoo, it is entirely free.

  3. You can easily record conversations. Got a pitch to make to a potentially big client who’s across the country? Need some input from a relative on your job interview skills? Record your talk and go back to see where you tend to go wrong, what you do right, and improve the next time. This can also come in handy if you find yourself hitting a roadblock with a testy client or coworker—go back and see where the conversation fell apart. You may find your disagreements are all a misunderstanding or some missed social cue that you won’t miss again

  4. Collaborate in real-time. For PC use only, ooVoo features a “watch together” function for viewing YouTube videos together while video chatting. If you use YouTube for marketing purposes or you post presentations, this can become an essential feature. Or if you’re the big boss, you could set up lunch meetings with your employees and watch a quick cat video to break the ice.

  5. Cut down your travel expenses. The cost of traveling around to visit clients or meet with far-flung employees can take a hit on your small business. While ooVoo doesn’t replace the perks of meeting face-to-face, it can cut down on your need to do as much traveling.

  6. Set up a training session. You could have a more effective training workshop for onboarding new employees or getting a few clients together for a data download. OoVoo can make the sessions more productive and effective than an audio-only discussion of a PowerPoint presentation, since everyone can see each other.

Why You Might Look Elsewhere

  • It’s not widely known. ooVoo markets itself mostly toward a younger demographic that tends to be more accustomed to recording themselves. You may find some of your clients have never heard of the app and are wary of being on video.

  • You primarily video chat one-on-one. If you’re not big on conference calls to begin with, you may be better off using whatever app is already on your phone, like FaceTime.

  • You have limited mobile data. While the app itself is free, data usage is not factored into the price. ooVoo will be best for those who have unlimited data or can connect to Wi-Fi as they place the call.


Download Free Video Chat App on iTunes or Google Play

The concept behind ooVoo is to make connections, something that can be hard for many businesses to do when many people don’t physically work together and clients are in all sorts of places. Says Katie Creaser, spokeswoman from ooVoo, “Our mission is to narrow the gap between humans and technology … and really feel personally connected to whoever they are chatting with.”

Business, whether it be small or big, is all about building relationships. It is sometimes hard to connect or feel recognized on a conference line, and ooVoo is a great solution to put a name to every face. The best part is that it is free, allowing you to find out the best way it works for you without spending a dime.

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