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    New York, New York

    Most Generous Cities

    Famous author Mignon McLaughlin once said, “We'd all like a reputation for generosity, and we'd all like to buy it cheap.” In other words, if you throw just a penny in the Salvation Army bucket at Christmas, can you get away with calling ...

    Best Cities for New Business

    By Tracy Jones - Top Business Credit Cards
    The economic climate has inspired both the unemployed and employed to branch off their own and start their own companies, either because they're tired of searching, they are of tired of not moving up the corporate ladder, or they just have a ...

    Best Springtime Cities

    When it comes to weather, March is the meanest month of the year. It's a tease.

    Unluckiest States

    Motivational speakers often say “you create your own luck,” but those people clearly have never had their cars swallowed by sinkholes or won $400 million in PowerBall. Let's face it: stuff happens, and once in a while, we have no control over ...

    Best Cities for the Broke

    By Leah Norris - No Credit
    Hurting for cash? It might be time to consider relocating to an area where the cost of living is cheaper and the job prospects are better.

    Smartest Cities

    If you've ever seen a college graduate tug strenuously on a door that is clearly labeled "push," you're well aware of the stark differences between how people define "smart." That college degree takes some people only so far. But most lists of ...

    Best Cities for Cheapskates

    By Lauren Ward - Best Deals
    Living frugally is a trend for some people, and simply a necessary way of life for others. Whatever your reasons for trying to keep a level budget each month, your ability to pull it off can largely depend on where you live. We looked at the ...

    Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs

    By Leah Norris - Top Business Credit Cards
    Why should Silicon Valley and New York City get the most attention when it comes to starting a new business? We've looked across the U.S. at major metropolitan areas to find which ones will increase your chances of entrepreneurial success, and ...

    Cities of the Future

    Not long ago, the idea of using a credit card to feed a parking meter was about as crazy as using Spam to feed a vegetarian. If you needed to figure out where you needed to go, you had to pull out a huge, folded, paper map from your glove box - ...

    Best Small Cities to Live and Work

    Finding the right place to live has a lot to do with pace. The big city life may seem too fast to you, but quiet towns with quaint downtowns may seem way too slow. The happy medium are the smaller cities that make up the heart of the U.S., where ...

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