December 13, 2018

Gleim CPA Review

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Studying for the CPA doesn't have to mean sitting for hours on end listening to boring lectures that make you question your chosen path. Gleim CPA review offers "micro lessons" to help make the lessons interesting and short enough to keep your attention.

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Gleim CPA thrives on the smart technology that helps personalize your studying to your specific needs. You get immediate feedback on how you are doing and receive refreshers on the material you didn't quite master.

Gleim has been a leader in the accounting industry for 40 years, but is it right for you? Keep reading to find out.

Who Should Use Gleim CPA Review?

  • You like to see how you are doing as you work through your studies.
    Gleim CPA uses engaging analytics to help you see your progress. This can help keep you motivated to keep going as well as help you understand where you need to slow down and learn more.

  • You like to experience the exam situation before you actually sit for the exam.
    Gleim offers one of the closest practice exams as the "real deal" to help you know what to expect. Sometimes a large part of the nervousness is the fear of the unknown. When you know what to expect, you can relax and possibly score better on the exam.

  • You like help from "real people."
    Gleim doesn't make you find answers to your questions in a database somewhere. You get access to live counselors who can help you through your issues.

Reasons We Like Gleim CPA Review

  • They have an Access Until You Pass Guarantee. You'll have access to timely materials no matter how long it takes you to pass the CPA exam. This helps take the pressure off you as you make the time to study and completely understand the topics.

  • Gleim provides you with "check-up" questions. After you study and master one section and move onto another, Gleim will provide you with questions about the section you've mastered. This helps keep your mind fresh on the topics that you've already completed, making it easier to master those topics when you sit for the exam.

  • Gleim's program highlights weak areas so that you know where you need extra focus. It's normal to have areas that you "struggle" with when studying, but remembering which topics need reviewing can become overwhelming. Gleim makes it easy to remember which topics need extra review or even additional help.

  • You receive a full-length review with the program. Before you sit for the exam, having a full review can help refresh your memory on areas where you struggled. It can also help you remember topics you've mastered but have put behind you as you learned more material to pass the exam.

  • You have access to the Gleim Personal Counselors. You can ask the counselors anything about the test, including study tips, time management tips, or which test you should take first. The counselors can help you create goals and a strategy to reach them as well as help you solve any issues you experience while studying.

  • You can have access to 40 free exam-like questions without signing up for Gleim. If you want to take a test drive of their review, try the questions on for size. You can answer them to the best of your knowledge and then review the answer explanations to see if you like their method of re-teaching topics.

  • You can download a free CPA Exam Study Guide. The free download gives you details about the test, including the AICPA Blueprints, study tips, test taking tips, and explanations on the grading process. Any information you can get your hands on for the CPA exam can help make it less anxiety provoking.

  • You'll receive 100 hours of video lectures, 450 small lessons, and 13,500 practice questions and simulations. You'll also receive access to downloadable audio lectures for you to listen to while reading or as a review to give you a better understanding of the content.

  • You can purchase the test bank on its own. If you've already studied with other review materials, you can take advantage of Gleim's massive test bank by purchasing it separately. It includes physical copies of the textbooks for you to reference should you need further review.

  • You have access to an interactive study planner. Once you input the date you plan to take the exam, the program creates a study schedule for you to set you up for success on the test.

Reasons You May Want to Look Elsewhere

  • The textbook and lectures may have too much information. You may think too much information is a good thing because you'll be prepared. But it can also overwhelm you. If you waste your time studying material that isn't on the exam, it could take away from the time you need to study the material that is on the exam.

  • Gleim doesn't have a mobile app. Having access to your study materials, especially the flashcards, on the go can be helpful. If you find yourself with some downtime, you can do a little reviewing or brush up on the topics. Without an app, this isn't very easy.

  • Gleim doesn't offer flashcards. Gleim doesn't provide you with access to flashcards. If you use flashcards to help with memorization of certain topics or terms, you will have to make your own if you choose Gleim as your CPA review.

How It Compares

  • Wiley CPAexcel: Wiley CPAexcel is more expensive than Gleim. They do offer a free 14-day trial, but after that, you must pay for the course. The Premium version of CPAexcel includes 12,000 multiple choice and 500 task-based questions. You have access to the class until you pass and it comes with 4,000 digital flashcards. You also have access to a Virtual Classroom series that features live instruction online.

  • Becker CPA Review: Becker is much more expensive than Gleim. Becker is video lecture-heavy. The lectures are lengthy and can be hard to comprehend because you are given so much material at one time. Becker's online lectures do connect automatically with the online textbook, allowing you to take notes right in the textbook. Gleim is a better option for those who don't mind self-study and won't utilize the videos as much.

  • Roger CPA Review: Roger CPA Review is known for their engaging lectures. While there isn't a lot that is exciting about accounting, Roger finds a way to make it exciting. Roger's videos are short and they use a lot of mnemonics to help you memorize the important details you'll need for the exam. Roger also provides an interactive study planner and provides moral support to keep you going even when you feel like throwing in the towel. Roger offers access to just over 6,000 practice questions.

Bottom Line

Gleim CPA Review is a great choice for someone who likes personal interaction when they run into a problem. It's also a good program for the person who does well with self-study rather than focusing on videos. If you don't need flashcards and don't need extensive video lectures, you could save yourself some money by choosing Gleim CPA Review.

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