April 20, 2019

Interesting Facts about Germany

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Germany is a country that loves its food and Christmas traditions. Beer, sausage, and meat are commonly found throughout the country, and elaborate Christmas celebrations can be found (many of which we use today in the United States).

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Keep reading to learn some fun facts about how Germans live.

Basic Facts About Germany

What is the population of Germany?
Germany has a population of 80.4 million people. If you compare that to the population of all of the countries in the world, it is the 19th most populous country.

What is the capital of Germany?
The capital of Germany is Berlin, which has a population of 3.563 million people. This makes it the largest city in Germany.

Is Germany a big country?
Germany is a decently-sized country, but in comparison, the US is 28 times larger than Germany.

What is Germany's real name?
Germany's real name is Deutschland. In fact, this is what Germans call their country. This is the native term that Germans know their country by, even though long before Germany was ever founded, the natives called themselves Germans.

What is Germany most known for?
Germany is known for many things, but the top things are:

  • Cars: The Germans created the Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen.

  • Beer: Germans love their beer and Americans love German beer. While German isn't the country with the most beer consumption, they are in the top 5.

  • Sausage: Sausage is a big part of the German culture. In fact, there are more than 1,500 varieties of sausage that come from Germany.

What was created in Germany?
The Christmas tree actually originated in Germany. Known as the "Tannenbaum" tradition, the Germans started decorating trees to signify Christmas. They began decorating Christmas trees with fruits, nuts, and candles. After the 19th century, though, Germans began trying to outdo one another by creating eclectic displays with their Christmas trees, much as we do today.

What is the most common family name in Germany?
Two of the most common German family names today are Mueller and Schmidt.

How many of Germany's population are immigrants?
Approximately 19 million people out of the 80 million people population are immigrants. Of the immigrants, 14% are Turkish, 11% are Polish, and 7% are Russian, according to the Federal Office of Statistics in Germany.

Eating in Germany

What food is Germany most known for?
Even though Germany is known for sausage, one of their most popular dishes is SpƤtzle, which are German noodles. Germans don't like this dish to be called "German pasta," though. Germans usually eat it piled high with cheese and next to the main dish of protein (sausage).

What is wiener schnitzel made of?
Wiener schnitzel is veal that is breaded and fried. Germans often eat it alongside potato salad and with a slice of lemon on top of it.

What is a typical German breakfast?
A main staple in the German breakfast is bread. In fact, Germans have 300 different varieties of bread that they enjoy. At breakfast, they enjoy honey on their bread and often eat hard-boiled eggs and a variety of cheese.

What do Germans eat for dinner?
Germans eat many times a day, so their dinner is actually light. They eat their main meal at lunch and have coffee/cake between lunch and dinner. Typically, Germans eat dinner between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. and eat breads, cheeses, and possibly some meats or sausages.

What do Germans like eating?
Germans love meat and often make it the center of their meal. The typical German meal includes some type of pork or bratwurst. It's often accompanied by potatoes, sauerkraut, beets, and turnips.

What do they drink in Germany?
The two most common drinks in Germany are coffee and beer, although Germans also enjoy wine and liquors as well as tea and juice.

What is the best-selling beer in Germany?
Pilsner is the most popular type of beer throughout Germany. Even though each region has its own "specialty" beer, pilsner is known throughout. Pilsner is a light beer.

The German Culture

What is the main religion in Germany?
As many as 30% of German's population doesn't have a religion, but 28% of Germans still follow Roman Catholicism, the original religion in Germany. Another 26% of the German population is Evangelical Christian, which could be Protestant, Methodist, or Baptist.

What is the population of Muslims in Germany?
Muslims make up approximately 4% of the population in Germany. While Muslim immigration into Germany is slowing down, the Muslim population will continue to grow as the Muslim population often has larger families than the German population.

How do Germans prepare for Christmas?
The Germans have many Christmas traditions, starting with Advent, which starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The Germans hang an Advent Wreath adorned with four candles. They light one candle each week and sing Christmas carols around the wreath.

German children also receive an Advent Calendar, which has 24 little doors; each door has a treat behind it. German children open a new door each day, counting down to Christmas.

What day do Christmas celebrations start in Germany?
The real Christmas celebrations begin on December 6th in Germany. This is the day we know here as "St. Nicholas Day." On the night before the 6th, children put their shoes or boots outside. It's thought that St. Nicholas comes around and fills the shoes of the "good children" with treats and the "bad children" with twigs.

What do Germans do on Christmas?
Germans typically celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. This is the day they put up their Christmas trees and decorate their homes. Families often attend late night mass together and then come home to open presents.

Sports in Germany

What is Germany's favorite sport?
Football (soccer in the US) is German's most popular sport. In fact, the German Football Association is the largest in the world, making football a big deal in Germany. Germany has won the World Cup four times: 1954, 1974, 1990, and 2014.

Is hockey popular in Germany?
While you might not think of Germany as a popular place for ice hockey, it is the second most popular sport in Germany. In fact, Germany played in the Gold Medal game in the 2018 Olympics, at which they took the silver medal.

What other sports do Germans play?
A few other popular sports in Germany include curling, cricket, and rugby.

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