September 10, 2015

Black Friday Deals Predictions 2015

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Can't wait for Black Friday? We analyzed deals and coupons from previous years to come up with our Black Friday deals predictions.

Most retailers won’t announce their deals until November.

But you don't have to wait that long.

Using our deals and coupons database, we've spotted key trends and patterns.

So what do retailers have up their sleeves? Read on to find out what the retail analysts at CreditDonkey predict for 2015.

Lines, Lines, Lines

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One thing is for sure: consumers will come out for the deals, particularly at retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Sears -- but they’ll continue to shift their spending online.

This year, we expect to see more stores make eye-popping deals at the start of the holiday shopping season on clothes, TVs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, electronics and jewelry deals.

We'll explain below.

Thanksgiving Deals

Here's the deal: those who come out on Black Friday — and even during the dark waning hours of Thanksgiving night — expect to get out-of-this-world deals.

They are also making price comparisons in anticipation of Cyber Monday, the high-traffic day for online retail sales.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

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Got the itch to go shopping now? Wait.

Now is a great time to put down your wallet and start thinking about Black Friday, when you’re more likely to get huge deals on many of your wants and needs.

Put off your splurges until then and you can reap big savings.

What can you expect to see this year?

Take a look at our predictions for Black Friday below.

  • Clothing: Avoid Paying Full Price on Black Friday

    Major retailers always offer deep discounts on apparel for Black Friday, both in-store and online.

    Not only should you expect to see discounts on the racks ranging from 50% to 70%, you should also browse online codes or newspaper coupons to stack on top of sales prices to get the best deals.

    For online shoppers, you can also expect to find more free shipping coupons (although we’ll continue to see high minimum purchases to qualify).

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  • Televisions: Deals for Higher Resolution Sets

    With home entertainment companies pushing their 4K UHD televisions to replace the current 1080p sets, prices continue to drop as the popularity for the higher resolution sets increases.

    This could mean two potential exciting scenarios for Black Friday 2015:

    • The first is that retailers could slash 1080p prices to make room for newer UHD models.

    • The second is that they’ll also include some 4K UHD TVs to entice buyers to make the switch from regular HD. With Best Buy touting 4K TV as “the future of television,” consumers who keep an eye out on upcoming Black Friday ads will be watching crisper shows in the months ahead.

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  • Notebooks and Laptops: Price Breaks for Portability

    It’s all about the doorbusters for this category. Retailers want to lure shoppers in with amazing deals. As it is, notebook and laptop companies continue to offer competitive prices through 2015 in an attempt to compete with the still popular tablets and smartphones.

    Pair this with the fact that retailers typically reserve some of their deepest discounts for PCs toward the end of the year and you have a recipe for some steep Black Friday price breaks.

    Last year saw Staples offer an 11.6-inch Intel laptop for less than $100, and both Best Buy and Walmart each offered laptops for well under $200. It’s likely that these retailers and others will offer similar deals to try to one-up each other during this holiday shopping season.

    Most deals will be in the 25-50% range. It’s possible to get 70% off a laptop if you’re willing to wait until Black Friday for doorbusters.

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  • Tablets and iPads: Waning Interest, So Expect More Deals

    Though they’ll still have a spot on many holiday wish lists, both tablets and iPads witnessed serious declines in sales in 2015.

    Going against the retailers (and to our advantage) is the fact that there are ongoing price wars to get those sales numbers to increase. Amazon’s threat to release a $50 6-inch tablet in time for the holidays only adds to the pressure to keep sticker prices down.

    We’ll likely see some retailers offer deep discounts on cheaper models (last year, led the pack with a $5 ProScan 8GB Android tablet), while others like Target and Walmart may offer both iPads and Android tablets at full price but pair them with sizeable free store gift cards. Only time will tell what stores will do to up the ante this year.

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  • Smartphones: Discounts on Older Models

    Last year’s major Black Friday buzz included several free Android smartphones when buyers committed to a two-year contract with the corresponding carrier.

    The intro of the new iPhone could bring along nice discounts on older models, while much attention will be put on Samsung’s recently debuted Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. The 32 GB models are currently retailing for $699.99 and $779.99 respectively, so your best bet for potential savings this holiday season on a new phone is to sign up for a contract renewal or get a deal on a 24-month payment plan.

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  • Jewelry: Accessorize at a Lower Cost

    Although 2014 witnessed an overall increase in jewelry sales, 2014 was a disappointing holiday season for retailers.

    Will stores increase this year’s deals to boost fourth quarter earnings? We can’t say for certain what will happen, but with JC Penney and Kmart offering jewelry discounts between 60% and 80% last year, it’s worth staking out the ads in advance if you’re in the market for some updated fine accessories.

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Is Black Friday Worth Waiting For?

Savvy shoppers know that it often pays to wait.

If you can take the risk that the item you have your eye on will be there by Black Friday, you stand to get a good deal, especially if you’re willing to wake up early and elbow your way to the register counter.

One thing we can say with absolute certainty: Black Friday is sure to offer unprecedented savings for consumers who are willing to set their alarm clock.

Wondering what deals to avoid this November? Check our guide on what NOT to buy on Black Friday.

Lauren Ward is a research analyst at CreditDonkey, a credit card comparison and reviews website. Write to Lauren Ward at

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